Having a garbage disposal in your kitchen is truly a blessing in disguise. Not many people agree to its need until they have used it once in their life.However once you get the idea of how easy it makes your life then you’ll surely never want to go back.

What Size Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposal system makes washing your dishes a much easier task as you don’t have to go and toss out all the leftovers from your dishes before washing them. Other than this its very environment friendly option as well since it provides an excellent alternative to placing more and more waste into your landfills.

And reduces the amount of greenhouse gases released into the environment because of this decomposing food waste. Currently most of the modern built homes are having these amazing devices installed directly under their kitchen sinks to save themselves a lot of hassle.

The garbage disposal system has always been an essential part of my kitchen making my life easier with each dish washing session. Until recently my old one broke down because of excess usage, and let’s agree that I had been using it for fairly a long period of time.

It was due to be replaced anyways. As it was time I replaced my old broken lifesaver with a new garbage disposal having latest technology and a robust and reliable design. Cleaning Garbage disposal can a bit difficult with the Larger size.

I was hit with a lot of questions like which option would best fit with my kitchen? Or what size garbage disposal do I need? To answer my question and be prepared before I went shopping for one.

I did a lot of research on all the available options to understand all the necessary details I need to consider before selecting one for myself that would best fit with both my kitchen and my household needs. I’ll be sharing all the details I learned about determining what size garbage disposal I needed so keep reading.

Things to Consider In Order To Determine the Size of Garbage Disposal You Need

How Much Space Do I Have Under My Sink?

As these garbage disposals are installed under your kitchen sink, therefore the first thing you need to do is to get yourself a measuring tape.

  • Determine the length, width and height of the total space you have available under your sink and write it down.
  • Mostly the higher the power of the garbage disposal the more physical space it consumes under your sink.
  • So be sure to have the actual measurements along when buying one.

You might have to compromise on the power of the garbage disposal you choose if you have space constraints under your sink or if you plan to have other things placed there along with the garbage disposal.

What is the Number of Members at Your Home:

The next thing that helps you determine the size of garbage disposal you need to buy is the size of your family. The more the people in your household, the bigger and more powerful garbage disposal you will need to buy.

Not only this, but the food consumption level at your home also plays a role in determining the size, if all the family members are big eaters then you should definitely consider buying a more powerful one. Last but not the least, how frequently do you cook at home, or do you usually dine out? This also helps to determine the need of which size to buy.

Below is a chart of which size to go for considering the size of your household:

Small Household 2  people 1/3 or ½ HP disposal is the best choice based on usage level
Medium Household 3 to 6 people ½ HP or ¾ HP disposals are the best choice based on usage level
Big Household More than 6 people 1 HP garbage disposal is the best choice based on usage level

How Much Horse Power (HP) Motor Would I Need?

HP or horse power is the unit used to measure the power of the garbage disposals motor. The horsepower of the garbage disposal determines the speed and power of the blades that are used to grind the waste and food leftovers. The garbage disposal options available in the market come with four different horse powers including:

1/3 Horsepower:

This is the weakest available option for a garbage disposal that is ideal for small apartments, one bed homes or condos where there are no more than two family members.

  • The benefit of getting this one if you don’t have a lot of garbage disposal need is because they are cheap and affordable.
  • The only advice is that chose this one if you don’t need to use it on daily basis.
  • This can get jammed easily if used more than its capacity.
  • Can be used to grind soft food, fruit rinds, cereal, light scraps and meat trimmings.

½ Horsepower:

The ½ horsepower garbage disposal is slightly better in power as compared to the one mentioned above. Although tougher this one too requires to be treated gently and used not more than its capacity.

  • This garbage disposal is also ideal to be used at small one bed homes or studio apartments or condos where there are no more than two people living.
  • This one has a price range of under $100 so this too is an affordable option.
  • The unit of this disposal is also small in size so it can easily fit under your kitchen sink.
  • Can be used to grind potato peels, celery, cooked meat or fish, seeds & small bones.

¾ Horsepower:

This is the most popular option among home owners as it comes with a powerful motor for a standard sized household of three to six people.

  • The amount of power this garbage disposal has ensures that it doesn’t get jammed easily and are also pretty durable.
  • The other amazing features are that they have stainless steel grinding components making them more robust and durable.
  • They are also more soundless compared to the options above.
  • The only thing you need to consider when buying garbage disposals of this horsepower is their size, make sure you have enough space below your sink.
  • They are also a bit more expensive.

These garbage disposals can easily grind artichokes, vegetable peels, cooked meat or fish, fruit pits & small bones.

1 Horsepower Motor:

 This one is the most powerful and biggest option available in the market. If you have more than six people in your household or have a kitchen with heavy usage, then this one is for you.

  • It is the most durable and powerful option compared to the ones mentioned above guaranteeing efficient disposal of all sorts of food waste.
  • Because of their stainless steel grinding components, they have a better life period and are also quieter compared to the lighter models. 
  • The only things to keep in mind is its size, you definitely need to have a lot of space under your sink to fit it inside.

Also it’s a much expensive option. It can grind fibrous foods, vegetable peels, raw or cooked meat or fish, fruit pits & small bones.


We can conclude by stating that a bit of research beforehand determining all the factors stated above can definitely help you out in the long run when investing in which size garbage disposal you need to buy. The right size of garbage disposal can last you a long time, can be light on your pocket and fit best with the space you have under your kitchen sink.