There are various kinds of knives available in the market, each having a unique purpose of its own making your lives much easier in the kitchen.

what is paring knife use for
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We will discuss in detail, what is paring knife used for and its different types of paring knife. However not all the available knives in the market are useful and a must own for basic kitchen use, just a few different kinds for cutting chopping peeling and deboning etc. And you are good to go. One of these important buying guide of knives is a paring knife which is definitely a must have for your kitchen.

What is Paring Knives Used for?

Paring knives are small but quite a powerful and versatile tool for your kitchen, their size varies in between two to five inches.

Mostly average in three inches of length. These light weight and small structured knives are a very convenient tool designed with a small and flexible blade they help with the small peeling, cutting, chopping and slicing tasks of fruits and vegetables with precision and ease.

Putting it simply, paring knives are designed for the tasks that are too small for these over-sized chef knives like slicing cherry tomatoes or strawberries.

Different types of Paring Knives

There are few different kinds of paring knives available in the market, each having their own unique functionality. These different types are listed below:

  • Bird’s beak: it has a small blade usually of two to three inches that is curved inwards. This type of paring knife is ideal for delicate tasks like extracting seeds from the fruit or making aesthetic decorative and precise cuts for decorating your salads.
  • Serrated blade: these blades are ideal for soft food items like pastries or soft fruits like berries and tomatoes, and also helpful for peeling items that are tough to peel with other knives like mangoes etc.
  • Curved blade: these knives come with a slightly backwards curved blade, giving you more control towards the edge of the knife. These blades are ideal for the precise slicing work.

Uses of a Paring Knife

The best thing about these small gadgets is their versatility, which allows you to use them for almost every basic cutting task.  Following are some of the most popular uses for paring knives:

  • Peeling: paring knives can also function as the perfect peelers once you learn the perfect angle of holding them while peeling. The functioning is quite simple, hold the fruit firmly in one hand and hold the handle of your knife in the other slowly start moving the blade of the knife towards yourself so that you are cutting under the skin of the fruit to peel the fruit perfectly.
  • Slicing and coring: the serrated version of these knives are best to be used when slicing soft fruits and vegetables like tomatoes precisely. At the same time these paring knives are the ideal tool you can use to core tomatoes with ease and precision.
  • Deveining Shrimps: their small size makes them an ideal tool for deveining shrimps. Simply move the edge of your knives blade on the back of your shrimp making a light cut, using the tip of the same knife pull out the vein carefully.
  • Hulling strawberries: these knives because of their small size are ideal for this task as well. Simply insert the knife from one side of the strawberry stem and carve a circle around it, now pop out the stem and enjoy.
  • Deceasing sausages and scoring meat: when decasing sausages simply draw a light line on one side of the sausage enough to only break the skin, now pull the casing back to remove it. For scoring meat draw lines through the fatty sections the technique varying depending on the type of meat you are using.

These paring knives are a perfect kitchen companion, keep in mind to maintain them by sharpening them regularly using a sharpening stone or rod for them to last you a long time.