Not everyone is familiar with the device called Waste King l-8000 garbage disposal, but those who are often handed over the job of cleaning the kitchen know what a miraculous discovery it is.

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As the name suggests, the purpose of the garbage disposal is to make the process of disposing off garbage easier. Often, when we throw dirty dishes in the sink, we carelessly let garbage go to the sink instead of throwing it in the dustbin.

As a result, it gets stuck in the plumbing and can cost us a fortune while getting the pipes cleaned. Garbage disposal is an electrically powered device that shreds the waste food pieces into small particles which can easily pass the plumbing. This device gets installed under the sink and doesn’t allow large waste pieces to block the plumbing.

However, since this is a relatively new innovation, it is also a little heavy on the pocket if you think of it as a commodity and not a luxury. Still if you look at the brighter side of things, this device doesn’t seem too costly as it would save you from the hassle of getting new plumbing. Nonetheless, finding a reliable garbage disposal is not very easy and you should always do your research before getting one. Here we have reviewed the one which has the most positive reviews by the consumers- that is Waste King L-8000 garbage disposal system.

Waste King L-8000 Garbage Disposal Review:

Waste king L-8000 lives up to its name of being the king i.e. the best when it comes to waste disposal units. Its stainless-steel grinding chamber chops the food pieces into the smallest particles possible and allows them to pass through the drain easily.

  • Quite affordable
  • Lifetime in-home warranty
  • Very powerful motor
  • Comes with built-in electrical cord
  • Easy to install
  • Isn’t soundless
  • Huge size might not fit under in every cabinet

Its fast-moving motor runs smoothly and it fits underneath the sink very easily. Moreover, you don’t need to have any electrical expertise because it has a pre-installed electrical cord. This seems fascinating when we compare it to its rival InSinkErator 900 which doesn’t come with a cord and you have to buy it separately.

Let us delve into further details about Waste King. We will compare it to the other big market player i.e. InSinkErator to give you a better idea of how and why Waste King is the best option.

Waste King l-8000 Grinding Chamber:

Waste King has a grinding chamber that is the best in market to date. Its stainless-steel blades work so efficiently that it chops the food pieces in small particles. These small particles are easily decomposed in the environment.

The reason of its efficacy is the immense power that its motor possesses i.e. one horsepower (hp) which is equal to approximately 745 kw. This is quite powerful as compared to its competitor InSinkErator 900 which has only 3 quarter hp power. 

Other disposal systems in the market are prone to losing function when hard objects like bones, cobs, etc. hit the blades.

But you will never have to worry with Waste King because its power combined with the strength of its blade can crush anything that comes its way. However, if you hear the motor slowing down while grinding hard objects, you need not to panic.

This is because the machine is applying more power to grind them by slowing itself down. Still, it is advisable to throw the hard and huge waste pieces in the trash instead of the sink.

The grinding chamber is built with glass filled nylon which has guaranteed durability for long lasting performance. However, rust free it may be, but if not cleaned regularly, the buildup of food could cause blades to lose their sharpness.


When you install something in your home which will work continuously, it is obvious to want it to be as soundless as possible. However, waste disposal system is something which is bound to make sound. This problem also exists somewhat with Waste King. Nonetheless, it still has advantage of being less noisy than others like InSinkErator etc.

Although they claim it to be sound insulated but the truth is, making something soundproof requires a lot of effort and money. It would be an additional $150-200 cost of making Waste King soundproof. This will make it lose its cost-effective competitive advantage. And since middle class people and budget buyers constitute a huge chunk of the market, Waste King can’t afford to disappoint its consumers.

No Electrical Expertise Required

Since many of us aren’t experts and we often struggle with installing even very simple devices and software. Specially for people who have hectic routines and can’t be bothered with properly learning how to install such device, suffer the most. Waste King has kept this in mind while designing its waste disposal systems. Thus, they are very easy to set up and have 5 precision engineered pieces that can be easily assembled. Its reset button is easy to locate and to engage, so you won’t have to search for it much.


Often times, machines get jammed when something gets stuck in their motor. This is fairly normal and is a trivial thing.

However, many a time it goes unnoticed and as a result, due to continuously be turned On and not being able to perform the job, the machine’s motor burns out. Sometimes it’s reparable and sometimes it is not or is too costly.

With Waste King, there have been very few complaints of the motor getting jammed.

It happens very rarely because this device effectively liquifies food waste and produces more power per round than its competitors which prevents jamming of the motor. Nonetheless, sometimes some solid waste like seashells or bone pieces could get stuck in the motor and cause it to stick.

Still if it occurs, you can unjam it yourself very easily. First, be mindful of the humming or buzzing sound that you hear because it means something is stuck in the motor. Turn off the device by switching the plug to OFF position or by unplugging the disposer from the outlet.

Remove the stopper and flash guard and use a wooden spatula or spoon and try to unjam the turntable with it. Hook the spoon end onto a cutter and push. Remove any stuck waste residues from the grinding camber.

You could prevent this from happening in the first place by trying to not let huge chunks of solid waste enter the waste disposal system. Also, since it’s very easy to clean with its removable splashguard, try to regularly clean it to avoid any hassle.

 Know About Product Size

The exact dimensions of Waste King as described by Amazon are 8.5 x 7.5 x 16 inches. This is much bigger in size than badger 900 because it has got a bigger motor and more insulation.

This may look like it couldn’t be able to fit underneath your sink but it easily does. And seeing the power of its motor, the large size is somewhat justifiable. Still, if your cabinet is very small, first measure the dimensions of the sink and then purchase it.

Hot to Get Warranty:

Last, but the most prominent feature of Waste King is its lifetime in-home warranty. This means that any material or mechanical defect will be replaced free of charge in your home.

All you have to do is call them, and their technician will come to fix the device, this seems very economical for an already cost-effective device. Also, since machinery is bound to wear out one way or the other, this warranty really comes in handy whenever you encounter any issues.

Final Verdict:

Waste King is a great option for your kitchen if you want a pocket friendly kitchen waste disposal system. Its fast grinding chamber blends and liquefies all types of food waste while making less noise than others. Its reliability is proven by its lifetime in-home warranty. All in all, Waste King L-8000 is a good choice for your kitchen as reviewed by many consumers.