Garbage disposal is an electrically powered device that eases the process of disposing off kitchen waste. Being electrically powered, it requires to be properly installed in the kitchen otherwise it could lead to terrible accidents. If you are relatively new to the field of electronics, you can easily learn how to install a garbage disposal online.

Install Garbage Disposal

Whether you bought a new home or your old disposal unit expired, installing a new one isn’t very difficult. Moreover, the labor cost for installation could be up to $100 which is equal the amount of what a typical kitchen waste disposal unit cost.

Like other electronic devices, garbage disposals also come with manuals but understanding the technical language of manuals maybe difficult for laymen. Thus, worry no more and learn how to install a garbage disposal through this article.

If you’re installing a new garbage disposal then you need to have an electrical connection and a socket close to your sink in the kitchen. You can call an electrician and get it installed first. But if you’re replacing an old unit then you might already have it in the kitchen.

You only need some basic plumbing skills and self-confidence for pulling off this task. If you want to save money and become self-sufficient to some extent, then worry not and carefully read all the instructions and you’ll be able to install a garbage disposal in your kitchen yourself.

A Small Introduction to Garbage Disposal Units:

Garbage disposal shreds your kitchen waste into small particles which can easily pass through drainage system. You don’t have to worry about fruits and vegetable peels or the egg shells to clog your pipes anymore.

In recent times, it has become a commodity rather than a luxury. However some people still find it a little heavy on the pocket as compared to other commodities.

Nonetheless, compare it to the cost of changing your plumbing every now and then and you won’t find it much expensive. It usually costs around $120-150 and if you learn how to install a garbage disposal yourself, then you can also save the installation cost. Different companies have different power limits of these units e.g. 1/3 hp or even 1 hp Disposals find one that suits your kitchen requirements the most.

Materials Required to Install a Garbage Disposal Unit:

  • Appropriate garbage disposal unit
  • Garbage disposal mounting ring and drain fitting
  • A screwdriver
  • A disposer wrenches
  • Water pump pliers
  • Plumber’s putty
  • Electrical cord
  • Safety supplies including goggles and a dust mask
  • A nearby outlet and switch if you don’t already have a disposal

Steps to Follow When Installing a Garbage Disposal & Manual:

Here is the PDF Manual To Install Garbage Disposal at home.

Step 1: Turn OFF the Circuit Breaker:

The first step of any job that involves dealing with electronics should always be turning off the circuit breaker. Disconnect the power cord from your old waste disposal if you are replacing it.

Turn OFF the Circuit

Always remember to do this before you start dealing with electronic devices as negligence towards this step can lead to fatal consequences.

Step 2: Disconnect the Previous Kitchen Waste Disposal Unit:

Disposal Unit

Position a bucket under the sink and disconnect the drainpipes attached to the previous disposal. Then disconnect the disposal from flange assembly. Remove the sink strainer and flange and scrape off any excess putty.

Step 3: Secure the Flange:

Before installing the new disposal unit, make sure to firmly secure the fitting that will ensure proper working of disposal unit by holding it under the sink. For this, first put the plumber’s putty around the sink hole at least ½ inch thick.

Secure the Flange

Press the drain flange firmly and cover it with a towel. Now put the waste disposal unit or any other heavy object on top so that the flange remains fixed.

Step 4: Position the Mounting Assembly:

Mounting Assembly

On the underside stack up the fiber gasket and mounting ring and slide onto the flange under the sink. Now, install the snap ring into the groove or on the drain fitting by pulling it open and snapping into place. 

Step 5: Tighten the Mounting Assembly:

Mounting Assembly

The mounting assembly, which consists of the flange and mounting ring sandwiching the drain needs to be firmly tightened to lock the waste disposal into place.

It has three mounting screws, using a screwdriver tighten them by applying even pressure. Be sure to tighten until extra plumber’s putty oozes out of the drain however, over tightening will remove all the plumber’s putty and drain seal will be broken. Use a rag to remove the excess putty which seeped out during tightening.

Step 6: Remove the Plug:

Remove the Plug

Now comes the electrical portion of our ‘how to install a garbage disposal’ guide. First and foremost, knock out and remove the drain plug from the inlet on the disposal present at the bottom.

Step 7: Make Wire Connections:

Make Wire Connections

Now, connect the wires from the disposal to the power cord wires appropriately; white with white, black with black and the green ground wire to the green ground wire. Now replace the cover plate of the inlet after tucking the connected wires into disposal electrical box.

Additional Step: If your dishwasher is to be connected with the garbage disposal unit, then first remove the plug from the disposal inlet present at the top using a hammer and screwdrivers. Now, remove the knockout plug inside the dishwasher nipple on the disposal unit.

Step 8: Mount the Disposal:

Mount the Disposal

Mount the garbage disposal to the system by aligning the top collar on the disposal with mounting assembly of sink drain. For this purpose, rotate the top collar so that the mounting ears at the bottom of mounting assembly engage with the disposal.

Step 9: Make Connections with the Drain:

Make Connections with the Drain

To connect the drain, insert the gasket in the discharge outlet and connect the discharge tube with the sink drain waste trap by rotating the disposal so that the two are aligned.

If your dishwasher has to be connected with disposal then attach the dishwasher hose with disposal nipple. Make sure to properly connect all these pipes because the consequences of carelessness can be quite messy.

Step 10: Firmly Secure the Disposal:

Firmly Secure the Disposal

Lock the disposal into place by tightening the rotating cam collar on the disposal with the mounting assembly.

You can either use screwdrivers or wrenches for this step. A clear ‘click’ can be heard which indicates that your disposal is firmly locked into place.

Step 11: Test your Piece of Work:

How to Install Garbage Disposal

Test whether you have correctly installed the garbage disposal or not. Turn On the circuit breaker and check your work by first running water through it. If there are any leaks, that means you haven’t properly connected the pipes, find out the location of leaks and fix them.

Afterwards, throw some organic waste like fruits and vegetable peels into the disposer to check the functioning of its motor. If all is well, then take a moment to appreciate how well you have learned how to install a garbage disposal and relish on your success.