Garbage disposals are an extremely helpful invention for our kitchens. Which helps us to get rid of all the unwanted food wastes and scraps in an instant when washing our dishes. So most you have a question in your mind that how to clean garbage disposal.

clean garbage disposal

How Do They Work?

Well, that’s quite simple these devices are installed into the kitchen sink, they grind all sorts of scraps and food particles into super small pieces so that it can easily move through the sink pipes without clogging them.

These devices are very smart and clean themselves on their own however if used with caution and cared for once in a while can improve their overall efficiency and save you the hassle of clogged pipes or smelly drains. Further in this article we will discuss the ‘at home’ methods you can use to clean garbage disposal , rather than using the chemical options available in stores which can damage these devices in longer run.

The first step to keep your clean garbage disposal is to keep this preliminary instruction in mind like what and what not to put into these devices. Though these devices can dispose of almost all sorts of food waste there are a certain do’s and don’ts regarding what you should or shouldn’t put in your garbage disposal for them to stay fresh, clean and efficient.

Do’s Don’ts
Coffee grounds Large bones
Citrus peels Shrimp shells
Egg shells Fruit pits or banana peels
Cooked meat scraps Nuts
Small bones grease
fruit or vegetable scraps Pasta
  Broken glass or cigarette butts

Methods to Keep Your Garbage Disposal Clean:

1- Remove clogged objects by hand: Ensure that you turn off the power supply to the garbage disposal first and physically remove all the clogged objects yourself using tongs or pliers. Avoid putting your own hand inside the garbage disposal.

2-Old tooth brush: Ensure that the garbage disposal is not plugged in. now use an old tooth brush to manually scrub off all sorts of grease and debris from inside the garbage disposal.

 3-Liquid soap and hot water: One simple method you can use on frequent basis is by squirting few drops of dish wash soap in a sink filled up to half with hot water by putting in the plug. Now remove the plug and turn on the garbage disposal as the water flushes through. The hot water will wash away all sort of grease and dirt particles from the disposal and pipes.

4-Vinegar and baking soda: Another easy DIY method for cleaning your garbage disposal includes the use of these two simple ingredients vinegar and baking soda. Personally this method is quite effective. In this method mix and put half cup of vinegar and half cup of baking soda down your drain. Wait for a minute, now flush your drain with boiling hot water. Again wait for your machine to cool down for five minutes, and then flush it with cold water while the disposer is running.

5-Baking soda and hot water: Fill up half of your sink with hot water and add half cup of baking soda into it. Now remove the stopper and turn on the garbage disposal, this will clean up all sorts of residues clogging up the pipes.

6-Salt and ice cubes: Another amazing method that I have tried is using rock salt and ice cubes. Just put two cups of ice cubes and one cup of rock salt into your garbage disposal and turn on the machine. Keep the water running while the machine grinds the cubes and salt. This will not only clean the toughest of sludge and debris but also sharpen the blades of the grinder.

7-Deodorize your garbage disposal: Keeping your garbage disposal smelling fresh and clean is also necessary. For that put in any sorts of citrus peels inside your garbage disposal and let them grind, it contains anti fungal & anti bacterial growth . This will both clean the blades of the grinder and make your kitchen smell fresh and fruity. You can also put a few drops of aromatic oils like lavender to make it smell good.

8-Bleach: Mix a spoon full of chlorine bleach in a gallon of water and slowly pour the liquid through your garbage disposal, wait for a few minutes then flush it with hot water. This will not only clean the garbage disposal but also kill all sorts of germs.