Investing in a decent blender once in a while is unquestionably a smart choice to make. A good blender can be a lifesaver when it comes to managing the health and nutrition of your loved ones especially when you are passionate about improving the nutrition game at your home.

It can also serve as a fundamental gadget in fulfilling all your dreams of becoming a master chef at home. Be it those yummy smoothies or creamy blended soups to impress your guests, or those healthy protein shakes or rich velvety ice cream shakes for your family. Vitamix blenders are good for local and professional level…but if you are looking for Smoothie blender then it may not be comparable.

Why Invest in a Good Quality Blender?

Still not convinced about the need to conduct thorough market research and analysis before investing in a blender? Well, that is because not all blender choices available in the market are the same, reason can be the blend and fineness of purees and grinds made through these blenders or their durability and warranty to serve as a long-term kitchen companion.

Because of the consistency and texture of their purees and the number of different functionalities available in all of their models, I can say Vitamix blenders are the best available choice that exceeds all expectations. Some delicious treats that can be made using these blenders include:

Hot soups without stove: The friction from the blades of these Vitamix blenders can bring your soup to a serving temperature right from the blenders’ container.

Frozen delicacies: Be it sorbets or ice-cream the ingredients to make these yummy treats can be blended using these blenders.

Grinding option: Have whole bean coffee available? No need to go out to have it ground anymore. Simply grind all sorts of nuts and beans with help of these Vitamix blenders.

Easy batters and doughs: Test your amazing cooking skills and make all sorts of doughs and batters for waffles, pancakes, pizzas etc. at home. Impressing your guests has never been easier.

Intricate smoothies and juices: Retaining the fibers and nutrition of the whole fruits and vegetables Vitamix blenders can be used to produce amazing smoothies and juices.

Dips, spreads and sauces: Having a party at home? Use these blenders to make delicious dips spreads and sauces at home in seconds.

Baby foods: No need to buy baby food from the market anymore. Make healthy nutritious food for your baby with love and care of your own hands with these Vitamix blenders.

Why Vitamix?

The answer is simple while searching for a culinary companion for myself I conducted thorough research and analysis of all the options available in the market which can be a hefty task if you are not an expert in this technology.

Going through all the information available over the internet and different reviews, I came across the following features you need to look for before investing in a blender:

Strong Stainless Steel Blades: Compared to other brands that use low-grade steel for their blades, Vitamix guarantee that they use the most durable full hardened stainless steel for their blades to provide users with good quality blend every time and a good value for their money because they stay sharp for a good period of time.

Good Quality Containers: The biggest issue users’ face with blenders is that their containers tend to break easily making it necessary to replace the blenders more frequently even if their motors work fine.

With Vitamix, we don’t need to worry about that any longer as user reviews show their containers working fine even after more than five years of use.

Superior Electric Motors: Another thing to keep in mind while buying blenders is to look at how powerful their motors are because normally blenders with low power blenders heat up in no time.

For this again we conclude that Vitamix blenders are best because their powerful motors can blend for more than six minutes straight without heating up as they have an inbuilt thermal protection system and radial cooling fan.

While the friction from its blades provides the benefit of serving a hot bowl of soup right from the container, also the good quality of their blades ensures their motors don’t overheat quickly.

Easy Clean/ Self-clean Feature: Not all blenders available in the market have this amazing self-clean feature. With Vitamix there is no need to struggle with cleaning off those tiny bits in the corners of your blender’s container.

With its smart self-clean feature just put a few drops of dishwashing liquid and blend it with warm water on maximum speed. You can see it get clean in less than 60 seconds without even having to disassemble the machine.

Warranty: Warranty is an assurance provided by the manufacturers that their product delivers what it publicizes. However, sometimes there can be malfunctions where the product fails to deliver, that’s when the warranty comes in use.

While buying customers need to opt for companies that provide reliable customer services. Where most companies are offering a mere one-year warranty for their blenders.

Vitamix offers more than seven years warranty for their original blenders and even a five years warranty for its refurbished models, proving it to be one of the best blender options available in the market.

Number of Functions: Blenders these days can be utilized for a number of functionalities and not just blending purees like old times, for this a thorough research and analysis of the available options is required to see if we are getting a good value for our investment.

Vitamix does just this not only can you blend and puree different ingredients but also perform different functions like grinding nuts, making doughs, making sauces dressings and dips, baby food, and even hot and cold delicacies like creamy soups and ice creams.

Top Five Vitamix Blenders on Our List

Vitamix has turned out to be one of the leading and most reliable blender companies in the world. What makes Vitamix different from others is their aesthetic designs and unmatched quality.

They are made to be professional and high-performance equipment for both household and commercial use. In our opinion which we developed through thorough market research and analysis we believe the following five models to be the best Vitamix blenders available in the market:

Our Best Picks

Vitamix 5200 Blender Professional -Grade, 64 oz. Container

This powerful machinery with a 1380 watt motor comes with a good-sized container of 64 ounces for blending medium to large batches in a single time, making it ideal for both home and commercial use.

  • Comes with cord wrap feature for easy tidying away
  • Comes with a tamper for mixing ingredients
  • Wide variety of textures can be achieved through this model
  • More useful for commercial purposes because of the large size of the container
  • Not recommended to be used in a dishwasher

This machine also comes with a variable speed adjustment option to provide you with textures of your choice every time.

Vitamix 5200 blenders have this amazing feature of serving hot creamy soups right from the container because of the friction of its blades in just six minutes. Their good quality stainless steel blades can handle the toughest of ingredients and remain durable for use for a long period of time.

Other cool features include the self-cleaning ability of the blender in just under 60 seconds without even having to disassemble the blender, the Vitamix 5200 blender also comes with a tamper making it easier to mix ingredients while blending.

A recipe book to test your cooking skills using this amazing machine and a getting started guide to make it easier for you to understand the functions and working of this blender.

Available in three different colours to go well with your kitchen theme.

Comes with a Seven-year warranty, much better than many other options available in the market.

Vitamix 5300 Blender, Professional-Grade, 64 oz. Low-Profile Container, Red

The best thing about Vitamix blenders is that it provides options for every type of budget, have a low budget? Vitamix 5300 has got you covered. This Vitamix 5300 blender can be bought both new or refurbished with a minimum of five years warranty.

  • Pulse Mode
  • Available both new and refurbished
  • BPA free container
  • Has a commercial level 2.2 horsepower motor
  • Pocket-friendly, less expensive option
  • Few malfunctioning complains.
  • Limited product colors are available.
  • Not recommended to be used in a dishwasher.

Even the refurbished model goes through a series of quality tests by the manufacturer to ensure the product delivers what it advertises.

This model also comes with a variable speed adjuster to achieve different textures for different recipes. It has an added pulse feature if you need a chunky texture for your dips and fillings.

This model comes with a 64 ounces container ideal for home-based usage also making it easy to store in kitchen cabinets.

It also provides quality features like a self-cleaning option, grinding hard nuts or beans, creating hot creamy soups or chilled desserts in a matter of seconds.

It comes with a five-year full warranty with a 30 days return policy as well.

What makes Vitamix 5300 different from the other 5200 model? The main difference is the size of its container if you don’t have a lot of storage space opt for the 5300 model that comes with a conveniently sized container.

Another difference is that the 5300 model is available in both new and refurbished conditions making it more pocket-friendly.

Vitamix Professional Series 750 Blender

Third, in our list is this amazing Vitamix Professional series 750 blender, its compact design makes it ideal for use at home. This blender comes with a 2.2 horsepower motor, making it easy to blend almost anything into a texture of your choice.

  • Equipped with radial cooling fan and thermal protection system
  • One-touch operation
  • Compact design with 7 years warranty
  • Forty percent quieter compared to other models
  • Inbuilt blending programs cannot be paused, only stopped completely
  • Pricey
  • Not recommended to be used in a dishwasher

And what makes this model different from the above two? The answer to this question is that this model comes with an automated blending option that includes five pre-program settings.

Now you no longer need to stand beside the blender while it gives you the perfect texture every time.

Another distinguishing feature is that the company claims this Vitamix professional series blender to be 40% quieter as compared to other models because of its inbuilt noise and vibration reduction feature.

Like other models this too comes with variable speed control option, hard-grade stainless steel blades, self-clean feature, and a compact sized 64 ounces container adequate for an average-sized family.

Comes with an amazing seven years warranty with different colours including pearl grey, black, and red.

Vitamix Standard Programs Blender

Next on our list is this wonderful Vitamix standard programs blender which just like the 5300 blender, is available in a factory-reconditioned version designed to perform just like the original version but at a much affordable price. Making it a popular choice among buyers for gifting it to their friends and family.

  • Comes with three pre-program settings
  • Can make perfect nut butter every time with a single ingredient
  • Ideal for heavy-duty tasks as it comes with a strong motor and sharp stainless-steel blades
  • Extendable warranty
  • One of the least quiet model available
  • Might not fit under standard sized kitchen cabinets
  • Not recommended to be used in dishwashers

This one also comes with the 3 pre-program settings, so you get your smoothies, frozen desserts and soups perfect every time. Although it has less pre-program settings as compared to the professional 750 blender, it still helps its users in preparing gourmet meals quickly and with the accuracy of a skilled chef.

One minor shortcoming I noticed in this model was that unlike the professional 750 series blender, this is one of the least quiet models amongst all the Vitamix blenders available in the market.

It also comes with a relatively tall container so you can process medium to large batches in one go, saving you the extra effort and time.

Like the other models of Vitamix, this one also comes with laser-cut stainless-steel blades for a fine blend every time. The smart self-cleaning feature for your convenience, and the hot soup serving option directly from the container.

 This reconditioned model of Vitamix standard programs blender is available in four different colors. And also comes with a five-year warranty which can be extended up to three more years by paying a little extra amount.

Vitamix 7500 Low-Profile Blender

An exceptionally powerful professional-grade blender that can do just about anything, this is how we can describe this amazing Vitamix 7500 low-profile blender. Be it those chunky salsas, that creamy nut butter, or any other smoothies, purees, dips, or doughs this Vitamix 7500 blender has got you covered.

  • Interchangeable container, 32 or 48 oz containers can be used as well. (Not included in box)
  • Built-in noise and vibration reduction feature
  • Comes with a tamper, DVD, cookbook and getting started guide
  • Durable and compact
  • Aircraft-grade blades
  • Not recommended to be used in a dishwasher
  • Comes with a wet container only, buy a separate dry container for other dry ingredients
  • The Vitamix low profile blender costs more than the average blender

Having an aesthetically appealing design, it comes with a compact, scratch-resistant 64 oz. BPA free container and the ability to blend medium to large batches in one go.

A powerful 2.2 horsepower motor and laser-cut stainless steel blades make it an ideal and powerful kitchen companion.

This Vitamix 7500 low profile blender is one of the best available blenders offered by Vitamix as it comes with both pulse function and ten variable speed control settings.

Vitamix have built noise and vibration-reducing feature into their 7500 model, which is an amazing thing considering it’s such a powerful machine.

This feature is an added advantage for those cooking experts who like to have their smoothies in breakfast while not disturbing the sleep of their children and partner.

Although their containers are not dishwasher safe, they still come with an easy clean feature just add a bit of soap solution, warm water, run it on full speed and you’ll have a squeaky-clean container in just under 60 seconds.

The Vitamix 7500 blender also has a radial cooling fan, a thermal protection system, and a better air intake opening it ensures that the motor stays cool all the time.

Comes in three different colors including red, white and black and also with an amazing seven years warranty.

This was our take on best Vitamix blenders for 2019 intended to make it easier for you to apprehend which model is the most suitable option for your needs and valuable investment.