Who doesn’t love smoothies! A perfect blend of scrumptious fruits and vegetable, swirled with an addition of some likely dairy products. Smoothie, a name projecting because of its texture and consistency, is meant to be smooth and fine when gulped. Here Best Smoothie Blender can help you a lot.

Every fruit or vegetable, along with the liquid, that goes in the blenders to be chopped off is not considered a smoothie! Every respective food item is known for some of its specialty and uniqueness, that, if not put nicely into it, would dim the spark it actually deserves. Smoothies are a full-fledged meal, that would nourish your body with all the essential vitamins and minerals important for it.

To enjoy the puree, make sure that your ingredients are finely chopped off so that the smoothie is more to drink than to chew! All the smoothie lovers on board, surely do not compromise on it being a failure in texture or smoothness.

Hence, best smoothie blender is worth making an investment on. However, it would not be wrong to mention that it depends on how much the equipment is likely to be used. If you are to cater it frequently, then drop off your pockets without hesitating and make a commendable investment on fully equipped blender to save yourself from metal fatigue in future.

On the other hand, if you are to use it occasionally, then making a small investment would work on all.

Though bundle of blenders are designed to perform the same task, but saying this that a mini-blender would entertain your smoothies is just like expecting a butter knife to chop off big meaty stuff in your kitchen! If every equipment had to perform the function identically, then they would not have been classified into several various types.

Therefore, before getting yourself one, keep in mind few things that will clear your way towards the perfect choice.

Our Best Picks

1:Vitamix-5200 Blender

Vitamix-5200, one of the top models of Brand Vitamix series of blenders. This blender is multi-functional, entertaining you from chopping to grinding. But, let us just know its primary function it stands out for.

  • Easy to handle
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Versatile
  • Bit noisy

Product Features:

  • Stainless steel blades
  • BPA free material
  • Warranty

It can blend away all the heavy solidified ingredients such as fruits and vegetables, entertains the cultivation of purees and much more. Before diving into its performance ability, it is very important to become familiar with its exteriors. Do not just fall for its versatility, do give a deep look to all of its specs as all of them go hand in hand.

When seeking out for blenders, as for some specific functions, the key part to be considered should be its slicing blade and the jar material.

We would not have recommended this product, if it was not for the belief, that it had every inch of perfect component to give you the best results ever. Be it the cutting swirling blade or the sturdy jar enough to bear pressure and twirls, this one is the best to go for.

With a regulator on the front side of motor piece, you can enjoy the texture of your own kind, either thick chunky one or smoother and finer one. All you need is to adjust the speed from the rotator to spin the ingredients as per your requirements, and enjoy it all!

The product comes in black finished magnificent coating, best suitable for your appliance collection. With its propensity to yield purees, shakes, juices and soups, one of its notable feature remains to be the way it caters green vegetables.

Its jug offers a capacity of 64 ounces, suitable enough to accommodate your guests. Talking about its storage, you need not to free much space in your refrigerators to store it in need of the hour.

One thing that may vex you to some extent is its cleaning process. The sharp stainless steel blades of the blender cannot be detached from the jar and stay in fixed. This makes a bit difficult to even remove off the food inside, for which you might have to use some culinary cleaner to get into the corners.

However, cleaning can be done with some sort of bottlebrush that would wipe off the leftover from the bottom nicely.

Well, you might have an idea of how grinding or blending process produces minimum amount of heat when particles are broken down into bits. For this, a thermal protection fan along with the cooling system is all here for the rescue. They will professionally prevent any heat from trapping in the jar making a way out of it.

To your delight, the product comes with a warranty of seven years, and the package also contains a guide book that will help you to set up your product accurately.

2: Ninja Mega Kitchen System (BL770) Blender/Food Processor

What a mighty name! Isn’t it! We could not help keeping this delight off the track. It has, undoubtedly all the scintillating features that will leave you drool over.

  • Easy to wash
  • Full-fledge package
  • Budget-friendly
  • Bit complicated setup
  • Requires greater space

Product Features

  • 1500 watt
  • Lids
  • Versatile blades
  • 2 horsepower
  • Ice crushing technology

As the name clearly depicts, this giant product is extravagantly packaged with not only a food blender, but also with a processor and juicer in addition, which makes the product a versatile form to offer you all the functions.

Let us now walk you through the comprehensive features of the product.

The product contains a jar of 72 ounces, best for crushing your icy particles into snowy one in seconds. This feature makes it well-suited for ice-cold shakes and coffee and also for all sorts of smoothies which is mainly our core discussion in this article.

The blender is partnered with a lid to cover before carrying the action. This 72 ounce approximately makes up 9 glasses, more than enough to cater your small gatherings at home.

The gigantic product comes with an electric motor of 2 horsepower, powerful enough to cater your needs in more speed and less time.

Containing 2 cups of approximately 16 ounces, referred as the Ninja cups, this product wins heart of the buyers when it comes to single serving.

The pitcher which comes along has a tendency to accommodate almost 8 cups. This food processor is best for making suitable amount of dough in very less time.

An amazing feature that will surely leave you in awe is that this one comes with blades of four different kinds, all specified for individual functions. No need to mingle up your food item with the blade that is not meant for it. Adjust the blade according to what you want and you are all good to go.

This kitchen system is brilliant enough when it comes to washing. Its cooperative construction has put the users at ease to clean the entire thing out when required. It will not fade away easily and by the help of some cleaning product, you can easily get to all the food particles so that they may not remain stuck at one place.

This machine is surely an all-rounder, a perfect blend of all the features in one. Whether it is about making smoothies, shakes or purees, this appliance is all set to make you proud by its features.

To save yourself a considerable amount of money to be spent on individual items, get this one as early as possible to enjoy the marvelous features it has! This full-fledged package is nothing but a blessing in disguise for all the regular users of blenders and smoothie super fans.

3: Nutribullet NBR-1201 12-Piece High-Speed Blender/Mixer System

The Nutribullet System that succeeded to line up among our top choices is also one of an amazing product you would want to add up to your collection.

  • Best milling blades
  • Cyclonic action
  • Rapid action
  • Requires shaking
  • Leakage may occur if overfilled

Product Features

  • durable
  • Stainless steel blades
  • Comes with extra cups
  • Very powerful

Lesser are the machines which are a whole package in all. This 12-piece blender set is a perfect match for your kitchen if you are in search of one such. But, making a perfect choice in not an easy one to work on.

For this, you need to scratch out every single detail of the product according to your needs and then make up your mind if you are even ready to acquire one or not.

We do know that there is massive amount of drinks, which are organic and are best for your health in many terms. Whether it is about lowering your unhealthy cholesterol, eliminating your ever increasing joint pain, illuminating your skin with a couple of nutrients which not only make you look fresh but also younger!

Every such thing has more or less a kind of production unit behind the efforts. Similar is the case with such beverages, you need to have a core equipment that is specifically designed for these refreshing drinks. And for that, you are definitely at the right place as this machine is best suited for such needs.

The company making this product, proudly marks an importance that has firmly helped it to be on the top. This unrivalled machine is great for chopping, grinding and blending.

It comes with different sized containers which you could opt for as you want to. This 600-watt product cuts down your fruits or vegetables into delicious shakes and smoothies in a short time.

The milling blade perfectly granulizes all the particles into liquid by the cyclonic action without leaving any chunks behind, that, may be a bad impression of smoothies. Excitingly, the blades are also removable which assists one in washing off the jars and cups smoothly.

Two cups, one of 24 ounces and the other one of 18 ounces is something you all need. They come with the covering lids making them handy for you to carry wherever you want to.

Different base motors have different blades, the milling blade and the extractor blade. Hence, you need not to fix up unlike items together when there is a specific one for each.

To excite all the cooking freaks, this package is supplied with a recipe book which helps you discover and try out new specialties at your home by using this blender.

4 – KOIOS Oxasmart 800W 12-Speed Immersion Hand Blender Set

Here we are with something different than the usual ones. You might have portrayed a picture in your minds of how this product looks like and what features it has for you in the box.

  • Fast action
  • Splash guard
  • Detachable blades
  • No fatigue
  • Not recommended for hot liquids

Product Features

  • Variable speed levels
  • Turbo mode
  • Rubbery handle

Before this, we have been solely discussing about the machine blenders in which you have little or no hands on. While, this one here would require a bit of your efforts too.

This 4-piece blender is something that entertains you with all the functions that other blenders do. It comes with a whisk, which is tactfully encapsulated into its base, a blending wand, a beaker and a food processor, which all when come together perform their functions at a top notch.

The handle is such a delight i.e. it allows the attachment of either machines, the whisk and the wand. Its size is perfect for both of them to fit precisely as per the requirements.

The handle is soft and compact in construction, enabling you to work comfortably and putting lesser fatigue or strain on hands. This makes the grip firm and would not let you lose the grip during blending.

This product of 800 watts is best when it comes to adjust the speed as you want. It comes with a turbo speed range and allows you to fix it according your work. The power button on the handle is just a one touch operation and it will swirl your food quickly in a very less time. With such power strength and the turbo speed, you can easily chop off or blend the sturdiest food items.

Oxasmart is a versatile machine and such a user friendly one. You can make smoothies, pesto, shakes and many other things. All you have to do is to adjust your whisk or wand to the handle, add the food in the jar, switch the apparatus ON and you are good to go.

As far as the food processor is concerned, it has highly efficient and sharp cutting blades. The blades here are also removable and will not trigger a beast out of you when it comes to washing and cleansing it off.

This amazing combination of hand blender and immersion blender is everything you need to have in your kitchen as early as possible.

In hand blenders, there is usually a risk of splashing when you batter your mixtures. Therefore, in this one you need not to worry about the mess that you are expecting to encounter because it has an anti-splash feature that will save you from any fatigue.

We surely feel that this multi-purpose hand blender should owe a space in your kitchen which is quite a little one to be adjusted.

5 – Vitamix 7500 Blender

Here, we now present you with one of the commercial products offered by a very renowned company, Vitamix.

best smoothie blender 5
  • Easy to use
  • Very powerful
  • Easy to store
  • Bit costly

Product Features

  • Multiple speed control
  • Pulse action
  • Low profile container

Vitamix 7500, a product well-known for green smoothies. Another product making up to our top choices surely clears the fact that Vitamix has all for you that will satisfy your requirements and needs you have been long looking for.

With this thrilling blender, you can blend away whatever you want to. It will not restrict you to less. There is, of course, a reason for mentioning this product here with full confidence, and extensive researches being made.

With a speed regulator, you can smoothly treat the food as it deserves to. This surely prevents you from destroying the food and keeps the texture up to the mark.

This 2,2 horsepower system has the best cooling system which ensures that all the heat is released during the grinding process to prevent the jar from bursting due to heat accumulation.

It comes with a 64-ounce container, suitable enough for smaller families to make smoothies.

An illuminating feature on which we agreed upon adding this captivating one in our top lists is its powerful motor. It can sway away all the ingredients in a click and present you with the spick and span texture.

Its pulse function is brilliant enough when you do not desire to have the ingredients pureed. Right beside the speed regulator, there is a power button which just needs a click before you perform your task.

The high grade stainless steel blades will exquisitely chop off all the tough ingredients without any breakage.It is the best to handle your softer and even harder ingredients in an amazing way that will leave you in awe.

Coming to the storage, this one requires a very little room in your kitchen. A nice fine corner with an electric socket would be perfectly fine for this creature.

Vitamix is way more suitable for each one of you, whatever your needs are this one will not disappoint you at any cost.

Why Choose Best Smoothie Blenders?

When it comes to prepare food, there are multiple peeps around the world with millions of recipes. But, what we think is that adding a flavour to your food just needs a pure intention and expertise.

By this, whether it is a buffet or just a cup of coffee, you just need a perfect appliance and you are just a step away from THE BEST to offer!

Similar is the case with best smoothie blenders. You are not bound to end up making smoothies in the regular blenders, not meant for it just because of the fact that you will find a similar texture out of your ingredients at the end. But, adding to your knowledge, that is NOT what will provide you with ample nutrition as compared to the professional blenders.

Smoothies are far better than the juices because once you blend them, you do not stain away the nutritious fibre that your body direly deserves. And that fibre will not be in the primary form of course, it will be perfectly blended so that your body may easily digest it without leading you to any digestive casualities.

Smoothies will add up to your body health in a very nice way.

Health Benefits

  • Weight-loss:

The fruits and vegetables are best known for anti-toxic properties, therefore, the smoothies extracted out of them will keep you healthy and help you to loose weight flushing out all the unwanted substances from your body.

  • No dehydration:

Worn out on a tired summer day? Need not to worry! A healthy smoothie is a game         changer. Just have a glass full of nutritious smoothie in breakfast and you are all geared up for your upcoming day

  • No more cravings:

Smoothie is a full meal if you are planning out on missing one. With skipping your meal, you can have your tummy filled with delicious smoothie which will reduce your satiety level, preventing you from picking up unnecessary food at the odd times.

  • Perfect anti-oxidants:

With a diet that we follow today, there is a lapse in our body strength. To muster up more health, get your hands on the smoothies. Green smoothies and berries are a perfect source of anti-oxidants preventing your body from any harm.


Therefore, do not delay such a perfect chance in your life when you have it all. Grab the best smoothie blender and make it an essential part of your diet to enjoy the maximum health benefits for prolonged healthy life!

We also hope that this review will help you to land on the perfect choice for your best smoothie blenders. Do not rush yourself in the market, have a brief look at all the products and then decide which one seems the best for you!