Imagine you have some important guests coming over tonight, and you work tirelessly leaving no effort to prepare the best possible food for them using your expert cooking skills. You leave no stone un-turned in order to make your house look spotlessly clean. Here Best Range Hoods will help you in many ways.

Best Range Hoods

Now all set and prepared to welcome your guests? But wait, what about all these different smells and fumes of frying, grease, meat etc. circulating in your house? You try everything from opening all the windows to spraying air fresheners all over the house but nothing works 100 percent.

Is this situation relatable? If yes, then you know its time you invest in a good quality range hood.

Why is searching for the great range hoods important these days? It’s not just about the smell, but the steam, smoke, and other food particles that pollute the fresh air when you cook recipe in your kitchen.

Not only are these fumes harmful but they also leave behind residues that can leave stains on the walls, cabinets, and ceiling around your cooking range if there is no proper ventilation system to remove these particles.

Keep reading as this article is the ultimate buying guide if you decide to invest in a good quality range hood as we are here to answer all your questions regarding the best range hoods of 2019.

What are Best Range Hoods?

Starting off with first describing what actually is a range hood and why it is important to invest in one? Range hoods are basically an appliance that hangs above your kitchen stove.

It contains a mechanical fan that sucks all sorts of fumes, gases, smells and even heat from your kitchen by evacuating these air pollutants outside and purifying the air inside your house.

In recent years the importance of these devices is being stressed more and more each day. Considering the majority of the households use natural gas appliances for cooking at home which emit both nitrogen dioxide and carbon monoxide that are a health hazard to you and your loved ones.

Also not to mention the overall impact of these fumes on the ambiance of your house, therefore best range hoods are a convenient option to remove these hazardous fumes and odors from your house without the hassle of opening all the windows of your house for ventilation.

Just imagine having to vent all these kitchen odors by manually opening all the windows in your house in frosty winters. Chilling!

Different Types of Range Hoods:

The main purpose of a range hood is to exhaust all type of fumes, smoke, heat and food particles from your kitchen after and during food preparation so that your kitchen constantly stays fresh and smells nice.

In addition to Range Hoods Garbage Disposal can help a lot in your kitchen for these purpose. Anyways coming towards the types and kinds of range hoods available in the market, have a look below to decide which type would be the most suitable for your kitchen setting:

Ducted Vs Non-Ducted Range hoods:

As the name indicates these two are the basic forms of range hoods available, both have their own advantages and disadvantages.

The ducted range hoods are much better in performing the function they are built to do compared to the non-ducted ones. The ducts attached with the hoods exhaust much more amount of heat and fumes from the kitchen as compared to the non-ducted ranges.

However their installation is not that simple, it requires help from professionals like a plumber to help with the installation which would also cost extra as compared to the non-ducted hoods.

If you are looking for 100 percent results, love to cook large amounts of food then the ducted range hoods are a much better option for you.

The non-ducted hoods are not that efficient because they don’t have added ventilation that a ducted exhaust can provide, they just filter the polluted air and release it back into the kitchen, never the less they still are a convenient and more affordable option.

The non-ducted hoods just need to be mounted on the wall above your stove and plugged in and voila they can do quite a good job keeping your kitchen fresh and smell free.    

Under Cabinet Range Hoods

Under-cabinet best range hoods are quite famous in American households these days as they occupy very less space and are not that visible. They can easily be installed under your kitchen cabinets right above your stove.

They come in a variety of sizes to fit perfectly with the size of your stove,  have a duct (where the ductwork can fit inside an adjoining wall) and ductless option available. In short, they are perfect for moderate-sized kitchens with moderate cooking load.

In my opinion, the best time to install these under cabinet range hoods is when the kitchen cabinets are being installed so as no space is wasted and the cabinets and the under cabinet range hoods can fit perfectly with each other.

Wall-Mounted Range Hoods

The wall-mounted range hoods are rather larger in size compared to the other kinds of range hoods because they come with their own chimneys. Due to their size they take up all the space above your cooking stove.

On the other hand because of their large chimney-like ducts they filter and circulate air very efficiently by taking all the contaminated air outside through the duct and bringing in fresh air from outside to keep your kitchen smelling fresh all the time.

The good thing is that these type of range hoods successfully keep your kitchen fresh and smelling nice even if you don’t have any windows in your kitchen for ventilation.

The only effort with this type of hoods is that you will require professional help to install them as they also have to be connected with an exterior wall outside your house.

As the name suggests the island hoods are installed above the kitchen island that holds your cooking range and are installed in the middle of your kitchen without any wall near them. Hanging above your kitchen island and attached with the ceiling above with help of their duct, these types of hoods are not that efficient compared to the wall-mounted range hoods.

This is not because of their own performance rather the open space they are installed into because of which it becomes difficult to restrain all the fumes and smoke.

The best solution to this issue is to install a hood much bigger in size compared to your island so as to provide better coverage for the smoke emitted. The only drawback of these type of hoods is that their vents need to be installed in the ceiling during the construction of your house.

Downdraft Ventilation Hoods:

Downdraft ventilation hoods are not very commonly used because of their design. These ventilation hoods come integrated with the cooking range itself and can be used when required.

Like when you notice that your kitchen is getting humid because of all the smoke and fumes you can turn on the fan to filter the air and when it’s no longer required you can turn it off after which it stays hidden inside the cooking range.

The positive aspect of these ventilation hoods is that they don’t require extra space for installation as it comes installed within the cooking range. The negative aspect, however, is that they are not very effective because they go against the basic tendencies of these disseminated fumes which spread upwards and outwards while these downdraft ventilation hoods have inadequate vertical coverage.

Buying Guide for the Best Range Hoods

If not accustomed to this technology, sourcing a best range hoods that goes well with your pocket while providing you with all your required features can be a difficult task to accomplish and might require you to do a lot of research and market survey.

This is overall a very time-consuming task, in order to quickly figure out which range hoods are providing you with the best package you need to have a basic know-how of what to look for while sourcing them. Below are a few features you need to keep in mind while buying a range hood for your kitchen:

  • Power

The first thing to consider while buying a range hood is its power. The power of a range hood is measured in CFM that stands for cubic feet per minute. We can define CFM as the amount of polluted air these range hoods can take out from your kitchen per minute.

So this is one of the main features you need to consider while buying a range hood. However, a higher CFM doesn’t necessarily always mean higher efficiency as there are other considerations as well like its ability to capture and remove fumes etc.

  • Design and coverage

Aside from its technical features, the design and coverage of your range hood matters as well. There are countless designs and options available in the market to fit your kitchen requirements from classic and contemporary designs to modern and aesthetically pleasing ones however we need to ensure they also provide good value for our money.

Coverage is another important aspect like for an island mount range hood we need to consider buying one size bigger range hood so it can provide proper coverage for your cooking range.

  • Type

The last thing to keep in mind is to determine the type of range hood that will best fit your kitchen and cater to your needs efficiently. For example, if your kitchen island and cooking range are located in the center of your kitchen then an island mount range hood is the best available type for your need.

All the types of range hoods available have already been described in detail above.

Our list of Five Best Range Hoods 2019

Now that we have established why range hoods are an important part of your kitchen and what to consider in order to choose the best possible option for your needs. We will now look at the best options of range hoods available in the market. This list has been developed by us after thorough research and analysis of the market:

  • Chef 30” PS18 Under Cabinet Range Hood –(Type: Under Cabinet Range Hood)
  • Z Line KL2-48 Stainless Steel Range Hood –(Type: Wall Mount Range Hood)
  • Broan 41000 Non-Ducted Range Hood –(Type: Ductless Range Hood)
  • Z Line GL1i-30 Stainless Steel Range Hood – (Type: Island Range Hood)
  • Fotile JQG750 Range Hood Under Cabinet- (Type: Wall Mount Range Hood)

Our Best Pick:

1- Chef 30” PS18 Compact Best Under Cabinet Range Hood

First on our list is the Chef’s 30” PS18 under cabinet range hood which as the name suggests has a compact and robust under cabinet design. Not only does this look beautiful it performs even better. With a contemporary and modern design this is an ideal kitchen gadget that fits exquisitely with your kitchen modification.

  • Comes with a contemporary digital touch panel
  • Offers two different sizes to adjust with your cooing range
  • Delay shut-off function
  • Dishwasher safe filters
  • Comes with plastic fan blades
  • Requires you to install a duct

The PS18 has a full stainless steel body available in both 30” and 36” sizes so it can fit perfectly above your cooking range. The incredible thing with this hood is that instead of physical buttons it comes with an amazing digital touch panel and a digital clock display and timer giving it a perfect yet modern look.

Another aspect of this range hood is that it requires you to install a duct because this is a ducted under cabinet range hood. Although it’s overall installation might not require you to hire a plumber but if you don’t already have an existing duct you might need to hire one to help you out.

The PS18 comes with so many wonderful features like six-speed settings with a powerful twin motor to adjust the suction and noise level as per your requirement. It has pre-installed bright energy-saving LED’s which are enough to lighten up the area while you cook.

It also has easy to remove stainless steel filters which are dishwasher safe. Amazing right? Imagine not having to manually wash the filters every time, just put them in the dishwasher and you are done.

It comes with a two-year warranty on parts and labor

2- Z Line KB-48 Stainless Steel Wall Mount Range Hood

Z line is a known and famous brand when it comes to items relating to your kitchen mainly their cost-effective and state of the art range hoods are quite famous. Their range hoods are stylish, noiseless and built to last.

  • Comes with extendable chimney option.
  • Comes with dishwasher safe grease filters
  • Soundless
  • Requires Added purchase of charcoal filters in order to use as a ductless hood.
  • Requires professional help for installation

Coming towards their KB-48 wall mounted hood, as the name itself suggests these hoods are mounted on the wall above your cooking range connecting with a chimney extendable up to 26.3″ to 40″. You can even buy an extra extension kit for your chimney as per the height of your ceiling.

Also if you want to use it ductless then there is an option available to add charcoal filters to it. The KB-48 wall mount range hood is made of 430 brushed stainless steel available in 30”, 36”, 42” and 48” sizes.

The Z line Kb-48 offers a maximum power up to 760 CFM which can be variably controlled through available buttons on the control panel. It comes with a four-speed fan which can be auto turned off and on with its timer feature.

Other amazing features of this range hood include directional lighting as it comes with adjustable halogen lights, its grease filters are dishwasher safe, and it’s relatively soundless. This is an appealing option overall if you are looking for both efficiency and economy.

Comes with a lifetime warranty for its motor and a three-year warranty for its parts.

3- Broan 41000 Series Under-Cabinet Range Hood

  • Easy to install
  • Economical option
  • Ductless
  • Filters are not dishwasher safe.
  • Provides maximum 190 CFM suction

Inaugurated in 1932, Broan is considered one of the leading brands in providing fresh air facilities. They offer a range of products including all from complete house air ventilation systems to specific area ventilation systems like hoods.

They offer simple designs and specific competences in their range hoods because of which they are priced between the medium to low range making it a favourite option for many homeowners.

The Broan 41000 comes under the same medium to low price range. It is a non-ducted under the cabinet range hood made of strong stainless steel material, as it is a ductless hood it uses charcoal filters and air recirculation system to filter contaminated air from the kitchen. This makes it a space-saving option for small-sized kitchens or apartments.

The 41000 is available in 36” size. And comes with removable and washable grease filters. It has a protective lamp lens which evenly distributes light over the cooking range. However, it has a suction mechanism of maximum 190 CFM that might be enough to cater for a 2 burner cooking range.

It is an overall economical option and comes with a one year warranty from the company.

4- Z Line GL1i-36 Inch Stainless Steel Island Mount Range Hood

  • Soundless
  • Adjustable four-speed motor
  • Countless variations option
  • Dishwasher safe baffle filters
  • A bit expensive
  • Requires professional help to install duct

Z Line range hoods are well known for their long-lasting and durable variety of range hoods. They are equally famous among professional cooks and home cooks especially their wall mounts and island mount hoods are preferred over the other brands.

Because of this reason we believe that the Z Line GL1i- 36 is one of the best options for island mount range hoods.

The Z Line GL1i- 36 would complement any kitchen style because of its brushed stainless steel finish. It offers superior performance with an elegant design. These hoods come with an extendable chimney option to fit however high your kitchen ceiling might be.

One amazing feature that makes it customers favorite is its soundlessness, producing only 60 decibel sound on fastest speed setting. No longer will your conversations during your cosy kitchen dinners with your loved ones be disturbed because of its noise in the background.

This range hood comes in six different sizes to fit perfectly over your cooking range. It has four fan speed settings to let you adjust them as per your requirement during cooking.

This Hood also comes with directional lighting, its halogen LED lights are ideal to illuminate your cooking range and countertops. Another wonderful feature is the countless variations this range hood has to offer which ensures that it fits perfectly with your kitchen’s ambience and setting.

Comes with a total of three years warranty on its parts.

5- FOTILE JQG7501 30″ Range Hood

Ventilation is a very important feature for any kitchen in order to dissipate heat and ensure a comfortable cooking atmosphere. Fotile is a comparatively young company working globally.

  • Intelligent delay function
  • Easy installation
  • Option to use with and without duct
  • Touch control and lock system
  • Expensive
  • Time delay function is not adjustable.

However because of its international level standards and innovation in products which they offer, they are building up an overall positive reputation among its customers.

The FOTILE JQG7501 is on top of our list because of its modern aesthetics and smart features giving your kitchen an overall luxurious look. This option is a bit on the expensive side because of the features they offer, read below to know why it’s worth the price.

It’s available in two different sizes and colors to fit with the interior of your kitchen. This model is a fusion of both beauty and technology as it comes with a smart touch screen control panel which can also be locked by pressing the lock button for a few settings.

It has three-speed settings and a double centrifugal fan system guaranteeing fast and maximum absorption of cooking fumes. Another remarkable feature is its 30” extra-wide fume inlet providing extra coverage left to right enhancing your overall kitchen experience. It also has an 850 CFM suction that ensures all burners on your cooking range are covered evenly.

Other features of the FOTILE JQG7501 include powerful lights that enlighten your whole cooking area, although powerful it is comparatively quiet as compared to other models. It also comes with an over-sized oil cup reducing the need to clean frequently.