Fruit and vegetable juices are quite beneficial to one’s health given the fact that they contain anti-inflammatory components which boosts the immune system and provides necessary energy due to the active vitamins and minerals readily available in it. So, in order to fulfill all these needs Best Masticating Juicer are here for you.

Hence if you are opting for a healthier lifestyle adding juices into your diet is quintessential. Although people tend to go for fast juicers to meet their needs on the go yet most people recommend the masticating juicer or the vitamix juicer which provides the best organic experience. The reasons to support this are quite logical too.

Perhaps one should developed an understanding that the masticating juicers might be an optimal option in your health journey but you still might be thinking which model would best suit your needs and can safely be called the best masticating juicer?

Why Should You Choose Best Masticating Juicer?

  • The key element in the masticating juicer is the construction of the machine. It is equipped with an auger which turns at a reasonably slow pace. It crushes and squeezes the fruits and vegetables to a point that every savory and nutritious drop is safely added to the juice and all that is left behind is the fiber.

  • It also easily extracts juice from thin leaves making them an efficient choice for making green juices as compared to a fast juicer. This machinery therefore generates very little waste and makes sure you get your healthy dose of nutrients and vitamins are kept intact.

  • The speed of the rotation of the auger is kept precisely at 60-100 revolutions per minute, a striking difference from a fast/centrifuge juicer which rotates at a speed of 12000 rpm.

  • This mechanism is devised to give the masticating juicer more time so it can efficiently extract juice while minimizing the exposure to air, heat and oxidation which in turns proves to be effective in preserving the important enzymes without damaging the nutritional value.  

  • An added benefit is the increased shelf life of the produced juice. Due to the element of the anti-oxidation it can increase the shelf life of the juice in the refrigerator to up to 72 hours. Juices made in fast juicers start to degrade quiet early as compared to masticating juicers and therefore must be taken within a time period of 5-7 hours.

  • Although the masticating juicer takes a longer time in preparation but it guarantees freshness for a longer time and can be stored for consumption over a longer period of time.

Variations occur in the material and design of the juicers which might differ from what you expected when it comes to its performance.

For that some necessary pre-hand knowledge is essential which would help you decide which masticating juicer might just be the best masticating juicer for you.

What To Look For In a Masticating Juicer?

We have picked out some pointers which will definitely make your journey to buying the best masticating juicer an easier one.

  • No Compromise on Quality:

You must ensure that the materials used in the body of the juicers are of premium quality. It is important to ensure that the material used is of food grade plastic or stainless steel like used in cookware.

The parts of the juicer that come in direct contact with the food materials (that includes everything excluding the pulp collector) must be BPA, free which is a well thought step towards safety.

You want to add years to your life and definitely not medical bills.

  • User Friendly Assembling and Disassembling of Parts:

To make a compact unit it is essential to make sure that all the adequate parts of the masticating juicer. All the parts of the masticating juicer such as the feeding chute, the auger, screen, juice collector, and the pulp collector must surely tightly fit to make one compact unit.

Pro tip: to check whether all parts are tightly secured and fit perfectly, pick the machine up. If one hears any sound that might suggest a slight shifting or moving it is easily deduced that the parts are loose. Although it is emphasized that the parts must not be loose

  • Rotation:

Masticating juicers are known for their slow extraction from fruits and vegetables. Quiet contrary to centrifuge juicers which are known for their speed and high wattage. But a masticating juicer promises more satisfying results. You just need to make sure the motor offers a lot of rotation.

The higher the torque the better the chances of it to squeeze even the toughest fruits and vegetables.

 An ideal choice might be machines with gear reduction systems.

  • Fast clean-up:

An important part of the whole buying process is making sure that your system of ensuring cleanliness can easily be maintained with the new equipment. Any residue left in parts where cleaning is in itself a difficult labour can lead to bacterial growth. This can make you sick.

Hence make sure you pick models with easy designs and accessible parts which can be washed under a time frame of 10 minutes at most. The more complex the design is and the more detailed each nook and corner becomes, it increases your chance of missing out on the hiding residue.

  • Pulp and Fibre:

You want every drop of juice from your fruits and vegetables to be consumed by you, I mean that is the only way to be sure your machine is efficient in the one job it has. A dry pulp and mostly fibre in residue indicates that you’ve been served with every ounce of organic goodness.

The matter remains that one can only be sure if a machine is as good and efficient in its work as it promises to be after a personal experience working with it. If you ever tried Smoothie blender you must know what i mean by pulp and fiber.

Fear not because we have picked out the top best masticating juicer right here for you so that you do not have to go in a shopping dilemma. After all a good products review shows you all sides of the picture.

Best Masticating Juicer 2019 Review:

Keeping in mind all above mentioned pointers and our own personal experience along with several reviews from authentic users we have managed to sum up the huge list of masticating juicers to just 5 top picks for best masticating juicer 2019.

They surely will not disappoint you and will meet your expectations- a quick solution that suits your health journey.

These 5 best masticating juicer include the following:

  • Omega NC900HDC Juice Extractor
  • Omega J8006 Nutrition Center
  • SKG Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor
  • Tribest Green Star Elite Duo Gear
  • Nutrihome Juice Extractor

A Contrast Between The Best Masticating Juicer

For a better understanding of all the features of the masticating juicer machine it only seems fair if we lay out the essential contrasting information in a table so that it is easier for you to decide which masticating juicer is your optimal choice.

All these models are carefully picked and are no doubt best in the market right now.

Product      Speed/Motor Warranty
Omega NC900HDC 80 rpm/2 HP 15 years
Omega J8006 Nutri Center 80 rpm/2 HP 15 years
SKG Slow Masticating Juicer 43 rpm/ –  10 years
Tribest Green Star Elite 110 rpm /2 HP 10 years
Nutrihome Juice Extractor 80 rpm/ – 1 year

1- Omega NC900HDC Masticating Juicer Extractor:

Editors Choice:

Although the Omega NC900HDC and the J8006 have the same type of motor and consequently speed of the auger remains 80 rpm for both why do we feel the need to classify this masticator as our favourite? Because of the added feature which is not just a better design but better performance in terms of the actual function.

  • Stylish appearance ( UL verified)
  • 5 setting options
  • Juice yield is sufficiently high
  • Easy to clean
  • Larger Blade & Adjustable settings
  • 15 years warranty
  • Fragile screen
  • High initial cost

Body Of The Masticator

The construction of the body of the masticator is sleek and elegant which gives a sophisticated look to the design. It is in fact a product that will not only perform well but will also look good in your kitchen.

Every nook and corner is shaped to perfection. Someone really did pay a lot of attention to create a perfect design of this particular model.

Although the structure does not really come with suction cups that would enable a stable and steady standing which is easily observed in the more economical Omega models, on the contrary the design is built in a way that allows maximum stability.

While you work and sits comfortably on any flat surface without repeatedly shifting or moving from its place. An added advantage is that you do not have to hustle around trying to remove the suction cups after you are done extracting juice. Pretty handy, right?

Although the structure itself is quiet reliable we would advise you to handle it with a delicate hand. If extra amount of pressure is applied on the pusher that particularly exceeds its capacity, it easily tips forward and you would have to support it with your hand then. If you keep in mind of using it with extra care you should just be fine.

The best element of this Omega model is the big feeding chute which is not found in other Omega models. This minimizes the preparation period needed to operate the machine. If you fantasize about dropping whole fruits into the chute and letting it do all the work you probably need to slow down a bit.

But it does promises working on bigger chunks of fruits and vegetables. This evidently reduces the time needed for preparation to half or even one third of the original time. This is a big deal for people who require using the masticator to get juices every day or sometimes more than once a day. 

Parts Of The Masticator – The Assembling Process

The assembling and disassembling of the Omega NC900HDC is no rocket science and one does not really needs to be a technical expert to read a complex manual to understand the procedure of assembling and disassembling the masticator.

Just like the J8006 it has one slight setback. The juicing screen is quiet delicate and a number of certified reviewers have mentioned after their first-hand experience that the screen is not resistance to pressure and on occasions during the assembling process or even during the operation it broke. Therefore it must be handled with care.

But if the screen does break in some unfortunate experience, you should not worry as the warranty will cover any screen damage. The company is really cooperative in this regard and will promptly respond. Yet a better option would be not to go for such a hustle and avoid the circumstance altogether by sticking to ensuring delicate handling of the device.

What it Can Do:

Multiple settings, excellent performance and user friendly machine makes this the best masticating juicer out there. It really will meet all your juice expectations.

  • Thick and hard fruits or vegetables? No problem:

Although a slow process, it still guarantees results whether it be carrots, apples or even beetroot or celery, this monster masticator will churn every ounce of juice from it to your glass leaving only dry fibre and pulp behind.

Just understand that the juicer will take its due time in completing the process. We recommend you not to impatiently try to push material down the chute and expect faster results. Trust me that will not work. Rather let it slowly work its way to present you with a satisfying produce of high yield of juice.

  • Juice from leafy greens:

When it comes to leafy greens the Omega NC900HDC is an excellent choice that you will not regret making. It has the capacity to extract nutritional juice from every green vegetable on the face of the planet so that you get the healthy drink nature has preserved for you.

To get best results set the masticator on its highest setting- the number 5. Whether it be kale or spinach no amount of green cellulose will resist the power of the single gear of Omega NC900HDC.

It really has no problem fixing your juice for you but evidence shows that switching between hard vegetables and fruits and the softer green leaves will make the masticators performance optimal and your experience a whole lot better. You do not even need to get in the hustle of changing the settings.

  • Juicing soft and water filled vegetables or fruits:

If you are craving for juices of soft fruits and vegetables like citrus grapes or berries the Omega NC900HDC has got you covered. It is not only a power machine that gets through all the hard stuff, it works on the softer materials too.

Again switching between hard vegetables and fruits and the soft material will make the process more efficient and smooth. Just turn the setting to 1-3 and wait for your delicious juice.

Pro-tip: freezing the soft fruits and vegetables will help keep the fibre. What is better than fruit juices you ask? Why smoothies of course.

  • Crushing hard nuts:

An interesting feature of the Omega NC900HDC is its ability to make nut butter. Turn the right settings on and enjoy the creamy and crunchy deliciousness of nut butter.

The Cleaning Process Made Simpler:

As easy as assembling the part together, the process of removing the parts is easy too and hence cleaning is considerably an easier job. It really takes a couple of minutes to disassemble the parts and wash off any residue that might invite bacteria. All you have to do is rinse the parts and let them sit and dry. That is simply it.

Pro tip: if you don’t feel like doing the whole cleaning duty, put a plastic bag over the pulp collector. Voila one less job to do.

2- Omega J8006 Nutrition Centre – Extra value package

If you check Amazon’s immense list of best masticating juicer you will surely find this one on the top, and certainly with massive positive feedback on its quality and performance, at a reasonably affordable price. Nope we kid you not. This really does the job in the best way possible while being easily accessible.

  • Strong built- UL
  • Diverse functions
  • Economical assembling
  • Easy cleaning
  • 15 year warranty
  • Long prep time
  • Fragile plastic screen

Body Of The Masticator:

The masticator is encased in a plastic built body. You probably are advised to search for a product that is BPA free to ensure health safety. While it is not 100% BPA free it is in fact constructed with FDA certified material which is melamine.

It too makes sure that your health is not at risk and so you are not unconsciously damaging your health because heat exposure is practically out of the equation.

Although the body is a strong and solid compact built yet it is reasonably light weight. For convenience there is a handle located on the side of the masticator so you can move the juicer around with ease.

Although many juicers tend to simply leave it on the kitchen counter as it does not really take up a lot of space. Talking about convenience the masticating juicer has suction cups located at the bottom of the body which enables it to adhere to any flat surface.

Moving to the appearance of the Omega J8006, it has a sleek finishing with a sophisticated chrome metallic look which shows that you do not kid around when it comes to the business of your juices.

Along with this you have a variety of 7 colors to choose from that matches your vibe and your kitchen.

Parts Of The Masticator – The Assembling Process

The Omega J8006 masticating juicer includes the following items: a funnel, a feeding chute, an auger, a juicing screen, an end cap, a nozzles for noodles and a housing. Additional parts are allotted at purchase which includes a pusher, a sieve and bowls for the collection of juice as well as pulp. It includes a sieve for further extracting pulp in the juice though perhaps no one really makes use of it.

Although it seems like an overwhelming amount of different parts but rest assure the process for installing and assembling the whole unit is quiet simple and easy. It barely takes a full minute to get the machine ready for work.

All it does is allow a diversity in terms of how you achieve your task. 

Pro tip: we recommend you to be extra careful while handling the plastic screen as it tends to break due to its fragility.

What it Can Do:

As we have already mentioned above, the diversity of functions that the Omega J8006 is able to perform due to the many different and distinctive parts it has is very handy. Along with that it is equipped with a rather good manual with tips that would help you navigate the masticator like a pro.

  • Thick and hard fruits and vegetables.

It can get through any hard fruits and vegetables that you can think of, whether it be carrots, apples, pears or even ginger. Perhaps a twin gear machine is more susceptible for this time of work but nonetheless it promises good results too.

Yet the preparation for this machine is a compulsory part. You need to cut the hard fruits and vegetables into smaller parts so that the masticator can extract the juice from them.

Prep time is increased as for something like an apple requires to be cut into 6 pieces while a more fibrous celery needs to be cut into sticks of 3 inches length and no more.

Pro tip: the prep time can be a solid. Yet if you are the kind of person that does not want to stress out cutting fruits and vegetables just so your masticator could perform, you can always cut a huge amount of them and store them in the refrigerator for less future endeavours.

  • Leafy greens

The best part of using a slow juicer instead of a fast juicer is its quality of being able to extract every ounce of goodness from leafy greens. They defiantly do the job better.

Talking about being good at a specific work, the Omega J8006 is the made for this sort of stuff. Whether it be kale, spinach or even wheatgrass the Omega J8006 does the job as easily as snapping fingers.

The fast juicer tends to ignore the leaves and sets it aside by throwing it into the pulp collector, understanding it as a waste, yet the masticator only throws out the dry fibre and pulp and squeezes every drop out of the greens effortlessly.

You only have to cut up the greens to the appropriate size to fit the feeding chute and then sit back and watch it make a perfect and healthy green juice.

Pro tip: if the machines chokes up all you need to do is press the reverse button. That will fix the problem at hand while removing whatever is causing the clogging.

  • Soft and water filled fruits and vegetables

For fruits that contain a lot of water content the Omega J8006 does a pretty good job turning your berries into delicious rich juices. Yes any sort of berry whether it be grape or cherries or even cranberry.

Although it cannot made banana juice. But we’ve got your back. For your banana cravings we advise you to put frozen banana chunks into the feeding chute and in return get a banana smoothie. It even works on strawberries, avocados, kiwis or well basically anything that’s mushy.

  • Crush nuts to make creamy and chunky nut butter

When we talked about the diversity of functions that tis specific masticator could perform this is what we were talking about. A single masticator that enables you not only to cold press juices but also make creamy and crunchy nut butter and milk and grind coffee or pepper. The extra nozzles help in making noodles and pasta. It can also mince herbs.

The Cleaning Process:

You must be worried that perhaps the many parts it comes with may cost you extra time and laborious effort while you stand in your kitchen trying to wash away all residue to keep it health risk free.

But all of these parts are made easier to clean with the help of a small brush that is included with it. Yet the cleaning might take you something between a good 5 to 7 minutes at most.

3- SKG Slow Juicer Vertical Design Extractor:

When working with vertical masticators one can go through some pretty inconvenient experiences. They aren’t easy on the wallet, not as good as the twin gear juicer and tend to easily choke and stop working at considerably repetitive times.

  • ETL, CE, ROHS certified
  • Compact strong unit
  • Easy cleaning
  • Diverse functions
  • 2 year warranty
  • Tall height
  • Clogs Less affordable

But I did not mention about a vertical masticator in the list of the best masticating juicer to rant about shortcomings of one of them.

The SKG Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor is an exceptional case in the market which guarantees a good work experience. It really is the best vertical masticating juicer to buy in the year of 2019.

Body of The Masticator:

It really steals the limelight in a simple and neutral colored kitchen due to its loud red color and a strikingly fancy model. It can easily be the distinguishable and characteristic part of your kitchen that really stands out.

Extra attention was paid to keep the process of masticating juices oxidation free as a lock up valve is present to keep the juice inside.

Moving on to the actual amount of room it will occupy- it is not the best when it comes to restricted amount of space. Although it is slimmer than most vertical masticator on the market yet while working it can spread to a considerable range due to the juice container and pulp collector.

Similarly the height of the masticating juicer is something you might want to keep in mind. If you are thinking of placing it in a cabinet, perhaps it is best to keep measurements at hand and check that before buying. The base itself is around 15 inches.

The masticating juicer is serious in keeping its juice oxidation free and so the material used in its construct are metal, plastic and rubber which tend to be food grade anti-oxidation.

Parts of The Masticator – The Assembling Process:

It does not come with multiple parts to confuse you into where to place them and simultaneously takes a minimum amount of time, perhaps around a minute or two, to assemble or disassemble.

The juice collector and pulp collector although do extend outside of the machine and you do not need to stress about placing them.

The assemblage might honestly not be as simple as one thinks and you might have to sit down at first to understand it but it does have dotted lines to guide you and so it helps in aligning and straightening the parts.

What it Can Do:

  • Hard fruits and vegetables

Hard fruits and vegetables are a no problem for the powerful SKG. To maintain the flavour extra care has been taken. The slower speed and a closed valve prevents oxidation which not only enhances speed but increases shelf life.

The machine has a considerably immense feeding chute and so one might perceive it to be able to work with huge sizes of food material, yet on the contrary it requires some help in this regard.

You see the machine might easily choke and so requires you to slice up your hard fruits and vegetables into smaller pieces for it to work on. If in a scenario you do find yourself stuck with a choked juicer you can always make use of the reverse function.

  • Leafy greens

The SKG easily juices through any and all leafy greens that you put into it. It uses various methods, one of which is sandwiching, to squeeze out perfect green juice from the leafy greens.

The built in mechanism makes the juice oxidation free and thicker. It will produce a foamy juice which most people tend to like due to its excellent contribution to your digestive system yet you can simply remove the foam by passing the juice through a strain and cloth if you choose to.

  • Fruits and vegetables with water content

It works with fruits and vegetables of higher water content just as fine as a regular horizontal juicer. For a softer category of fruits and vegetables like bananas and avocados you can get one fine sorbet out of them if you put the frozen chunks of food particles in the feeding chute instead of the original soft fruits and vegetables.

  • Crush nuts to make creamy and chunky nut butter

If you know how to make good nut butter and nut milk you won’t hesitate to put the SKG to good use. It crushes and grinds nuts and beans to make a delicious creamy and crunchy delight that will leave you wanting more.

And extra feature is the tofu press which is a very good feature of this masticating juicer.

The Cleaning Process:

You do not need to be troubled with the whole cleaning procedure because it really is very simple. In a matter of 5 minutes all the parts of the masticating juicer can be disassembled and rinsed.

One thing you need to keep in mind is the tendency of the juicer to get clogged up. Most vertical juicers go through that issue of getting clogged up but the good thing about the SKG is that it comes with a handy brush that clears most of the gunk in 30 seconds.

Pro tip: cleaning is easier when the brush is used to clear up the clogged hole which is wet. Dry fibre can be tough to deal with and will definitely give you a hard time.

4- Tribest Green Star Elite Duo Masticating Juicer

If you have to deal with making juices on a large scale and need a heavy duty masticating juicer that meets your needs and still makes excellent juices for juice lovers with a serious opinion.

  • Twin gear system
  • Multiple screens
  • Pulp Grinds and blends
  • 15 year warranty
  • 3 year for professional setup
  • Moderate chute size
  • Spacious

The Tribest Green Star Elite Duo Gear is one of the best masticating juicer out there. It takes care of your taste buds while extracting a bulk of good quality juice. Who would not be a fan of that?

Body of The Masticator:

In our list of the best masticating juicer of 2019 this by far is the heaviest. It is considerably immense in size too. It weighs a whopping 17.2 lbs. Out of all the juicers, this has the privilege to be built with a twin gear system which gets through the toughest and hardest of the fruits and vegetables like a boss. It cuts, grinds and make juices perfectly.

The variety of colours it comes in are just three: white, black and chrome. Personally we feel chrome has a sleek finishing to it and yet it comes with a fancy price too.

The twin gears are stainless steel and the body is made up of sturdy BPA free plastic. Promises durability and health safety.

Parts of The Masticator – The Assembling Process:

It comes with a variety of diverse parts that allows it to perform functions more effectively. It does no doubt make the assembling procedure slightly more complicated than the single gear machine yet it really is not as difficult as one perceives it to be.

You don’t need an expert to help you get through the manual. You really can navigate your way through it all by yourself and without help. The different screens and nozzles do look overwhelming I agree, but in reality you don’t need to fit them all to get it to perform basic functions.

What it Can Do:

  • Hard fruits and vegetables

When working with hard fruits and vegetables the Tribest Green Star utilizes a triple step juicing mechanism equipped with a twin gear which turns the toughest of the fruits and vegetables into fine smooth juice without requiring you to put in effort in preparing the food material by chunking it into pieces.

They cut through and difficult part and squeezes and crushes through the rest. It also relieves you of the worry of having backup options if your machine clogs up.

 You can decide on the pressure with which the machine works with so that you are in control of your juicing experience. Various settings are enabled just by turning a knob.

  • Leafy greens

No matter how thin the leaves are the Tribest Green Star will get every ounce of nutritious juice out of it for you. With its unique magnetic properties it guarantees that maximum amount of nutrients and minerals get into your green juices.

  • Fruits and vegetables with higher water content

By controlling the setting you can actually juice fruits and vegetables with higher water content. While other masticating juicers might not be able to work through soft food materials, the Tribest Green Star provides you with juices from all types of berries and soft fruits and vegetables by turning of a simple knob.

Though you might have to deal with the machine choking up but you can make use of the reverse button for that. It is imperative you use a coarse screen to avoid the situation altogether. You are guaranteed to find your juices thick and pulpy.

  • Crush nuts to make creamy and chunky nut butter

As mentioned above, the masticating juicer comes with multiple parts, understanding the diversity of tasks it needs to perform on everyday basis. Among those parts is a blank screen for your nut milk and butter cravings.

It also is the best option for when turning to food processing for which it has a homogenizing blank. You can also make pasta with it.

The Cleaning Process:

It might take you a considerable amount of time cleaning a twin gear machine and seems more of an effort to clean rather than a single gear machine. You will have to endure cleaning the screen and the gears which primarily takes up most of the time needed to clean everything.

Dry gunk is way more difficult to deal with but if you soak it in warm water it might help loosen the fibrous part.

5- Nutrihome Juice Extractor Lightweight Set:

A very attractive feature of this masticating juicer is its eye-catching orange colour and the ABS plastic body it in encased in. it is small yet a sturdy unit and is very lightweight and easy to move around despite it having no handle.

  • Compact unit
  • ETCL CE certified
  • Diverse functions
  • Economical
  • Easy cleaning
  • DC motorAssemblage is difficult
  • Warranty of only 1 year

All parts of the juicer which are exposed to the food material are made up of food grade plastic. Though not BPA free but FDA did approve it hence it is not a risk to your health.

Parts of The Masticator – The Assembling Process:

A surprising feature of the NutriHome is the plastic ‘basket’ that shields the screen and protects it from potential damage. Out of all the parts this one definitely is a convenient and handy one. It ensures durability and is significantly unique to only this model.

The assembling and disassembling of the masticating juicer can be a something you will have to patiently work through. You might get the hang of assembling it after a couple of uses but after operation you will have to put in extra effort especially when it comes to displacing the orange cap which really has a tight grip.

The other thing that might possibly annoy you is the placement of the juice jug. For that it is recommended to tilt it slightly.

What Can i Do:

  • Hard fruits and vegetables

When it comes to juicing hard fruits and vegetables, the NutriHome masticating machine will extract every juicy drop and leave behind dry residue no matter how tough the fruits and vegetables are.

You just need to make sure to take your time preparing the food material which needs to be inserted into the feeding chute. Smaller pieces help reduce time and effort put into juicing it.

Clogging rarely ever happens. If the machine does choke a press of a reverse button clears and gunk and makes the machine ready for action.

  • Leafy greens

It really takes its leafy greens seriously and does the job efficiently. Switch between the harder material such as pears and apples with the greens such as spinach and kale and you surely will have a more satisfying result.

  • Fruits and vegetables with higher water content

When it comes to dealing with fruits and vegetables, the masticating juicers are definitely not your best option as much of the goodness of the fruits and vegetables is lost as pulp.

Yet it makes excellent savoury smoothies which honestly is an even better substitute. All you need to do is put frozen chunks of your soft fruit or vegetable and wait for it to turn the pulp into mouth-watering smoothie.

  • Crush nuts to make creamy and chunky nut butter

For a juicer that comes with such a modest price and takes care to not burden you with its price it compensates with being short in screens and is equipped with only one screen for juicing. For that the Omega J8006 has a better option.

Yet you still can make nut butter and nut milk. It is difficult but not completely impossible. The process will not be easy and clean but if you are willing to compromise the NutriHome will not disappoint you.

The Cleaning Process

The machine can be easily washed to the optimal bacteria free state as before operation. It is a very simple and quick process which takes only a few minutes. The brush available with the masticating juicer enables the mesh to be removed without much effort.