There once was a time when cooking was a full time occupation.  Each ingredient would be laboriously chopped, grinded and grated. With the advances in technology making the jobs of home cooks much easier, perhaps the most versatile and game changing invention for cooks everywhere was the food processor.

With a compilation of all the tools necessary to quickly process ingredients, this thing chops your kitchen time in half and does it well!

The best thing about recent tech, that put helps put everything in your reach. With best food processors, even clumsy and inexperienced cooks can whip up a nice quick recipe.  You might be looking to save some money by eating at home today, or you might be a cooking enthusiast, but having the perfect food processor in your kitchen is an absolute necessity. In this article we are going to take you through what you should be looking for in a food processor, and read the reviews how to select the best one to suit your needs, as well as a list of the best ones we found in the market.

1 – CuisinArt DFP-14BCNY 14-Cup Best Food Processor

If you’re catering for a large family, frequently have guests over, or often make generous preparations at your kitchen, you must take a look at the CuisinArt Custom series. The Custom DFP-14BCNY food processor is one of the best choices, delivering value-for-money, if you need a large-sized food processor.

  • Powerful Motor
  • Stable build
  • Control paddles
  • Spacious work bowl
  • Safety function
  • Self-protective motor
  • Assembly mechanism may be tricky

Its work bowl is quite huge- with 14 cups of space available, and the overall design of the machine is sturdy, with a powerful motor. The product is also moderately-priced, considering its strength and space.

Control Panel

Most modern food processors have introduced speed-control features to their control panel, ranging from a 1 to 10 in power. Some also have flimsy knobs and separate pulse paddles, others have touchpads.

CuisinArt Custom makes a return to the simplicity of initial food processors. One paddle turns the food processor ON if pushed; the spinning then continues until you press the OFF/ PULSE paddle. Pressing this second paddle while the machine is at rest will call it to periodically pulse.

This design adds to the solid traditional feel of the machine. The machine’s safety feature will prevent the ON button from pressing while the lid or the large pusher are not properly locked in place.

Work Bowl

The work bowl has a capacity of 14 cups. It has a lid, with a pusher and chute, which locks in with a counter-clockwise turn. The large feed chute has a smaller chute within it as well, that allows for smaller sized vegetables and fruits.

Blades and Discs

The set comes with a stainless steel blade for typical food processor functions: pureeing, chopping, mixing/kneading, and grinding.

A pair of stainless steel blades for slicing and shredding are also included.

Disassembling and Cleaning

The disassembly process is simple:

  1. Make sure the machine is properly off/ Remove the power plug.
  2. Before reaching in to get the food, or blade, remove the entire work bowl from the power base.
  3. Remove the blade before tilting the work bowl. Alternatively hold it down with a spoon or spatula to prevent it from falling out.
  4. You can now tilt or upturn the work bowl in a tray or large bowl to get the food out.

All the parts other than the power base, are dishwasher-safe. The power base can be wiped clean with a moist hand towel.

Motor Base 

The motor is sufficiently powerful for most kitchen tasks; it’s 1 HP or 720 Watts. This is usually enough to cut through the toughest vegetables and frozen foods you can find. Even if the motor is over-loaded, it stops by itself, to prevent it from burning out and needs to be left standing for 5 to 10 minutes. This is a highly useful self-protective function.


The product has a full 5-year warranty on the motor, and a limited 3-year warranty on the entire set.


The CuisinArt Custom™ DFP-14BCNY is a reasonably priced, and well-rounded machine, costing only under $200. The simplicity and quality of the design make it reliable, while the safety functions keep the machine itself and the user, safe from harm. Some users have complained of the complex lock-to-operate system, saying they cannot seem to make it work right at times. But, other than that, for the large-bowl category, this product is topping the charts in the market.

2- Hamilton Beach 70740 8-Cup Simple Food Processor

The Hamilton Beach 70740 is a simply designed 8-cup food processor, with a very low price tag.  We recommend the Hamilton Beach 70740 because it offers a very low price without compromising on function in 2019. Although the components are made of low-quality plastic, and the machine itself does not look sturdy, the product is not short-lived if used properly.

  • Low price
  • Reasonable space
  • Basic functions
  • Simple Assembly
  • Compact/ takes little shelf space
  • Motor does not sustain heavy use
  • Slices are not very fine or even

The manufacturer does not recommend grinding ice (and, naturally, anything equally hard)


The machine has a fairly simple knob with two speed options, and a pulse option. When the knob is turned right, the machine will pulse. On the left, there are two speeds.

Work Bowl

The work bowl has an eight-cup capacity, with a simple lid, a feed tube and pusher. The feed tube is small, so larger inputs, such as round vegetables and fruits, may cause trouble. The pusher has two holes for liquid to drip through during kneading and making salad dressings.

Blade and Disc

The machine is accompanied by a blade, and a disc. One dual-function disc has engravings on both sides, and functions as both a shredder and slicer. Many reviewers have complained of the small top hub, which is quite difficult to hold when wet.

Disassembling and Cleaning

The bowl, lid, blade and disc are dishwasher-safe. If you don’t have a dishwasher, and clean the components with a sponge, be very careful with the blade and disc; the edges are very sharp, and you run the risk of cutting yourself.

The disassembly process is simple. Turning the bowl and lid will lock and unlock. And the disc and blade will fit by a lift and drop. All the components (the lid, blade, disc and pusher) will fit in one another inside the bowl, which you can place on the motor base to fit inside your cabinet compactly.

Motor Base

The motor is 450 Watts, which is surprising given the low price (almost $30). However, there have been complaints of the motor whirring too loudly when working with harder input. If the motor is over-loaded, let it stand and cool for around 4 minutes before using it again.


The Hamilton Beach comes with a  one-year Limited Warranty.


For those of us who find very rare uses for their food processor, or don’t have very many people in the house, this machine is an inexpensive, yet workable option. The product will last quite long if used with care. And is best for the occasional, light user.

The motor and, overall product, are not the best, but are certainly the low-cost solution some of us are looking for.

3. CuisinArt DLC 2-ABC Mini Prep Manageable Food Processor

This machine is best for those of us looking for small, manageable processors for everyday use. If you have a small family, or do not have a lot of storage space, this may be a very feasible option.

  • Sturdy build and powerful motor
  • Reversible blade function
  • Small drizzle hole in lid
  • Choice of color
  • Limited space (3 cups)
  • Grinding function is not very effective


The processor has only two push-buttons for controlling. There is a GRIND mode, and a CHOP/ MIX mode. The Chop mode is for softer ingredients, like tomatoes or fruit, that need to be blended, while the Grind mode is for grinding harder ingredients such as nuts, or spices.

The touchpad controls also come with a safety feature, that prevents the machine from running while the lid is still open. So make sure the lid is carefully secured before pressing either button.

Work Bowl

With the DLC 2-ABC, the work bowl is very small, resembling a cup almost. It has a capacity of 3 cups, and because of its small size, does not support a feed tube. Instead, it has two small drip holes for liquids to drizzle through while the machine runs.


This processor has an auto-reversing SmartPower® S-blade. This means that both sides of the blade are differently designed. When spun one way towards the sharper edge, the blade will grind, and when spun the other way, on its blunt edges, it will chop.

Once the blade has been fixed, and the lid securely placed, both functions can be used without having to open the lid or change the orientation of the blade.

Disassembling and Cleaning

This is pretty simple stuff, since all the food processing set comprises of is four components: the motor, the cup and its lid, and the blade. The cup and lid are a simple twist-lock design. So is the cup on the motor.

Apart from the motor, which you can wipe clean, all the parts are dishwasher-safe so you can disassemble them and place them preferably on the top rack of your dishwasher. If you want to wash them by hand, it should be easy enough, just stay wary of the sharp blade.

Motor Base

The motor on this is quite strong by mini-food processor standards. 250 Watts or 1/3 Horsepower is more than is usually expected of small sized best food processors. But this is only good news, your machine can safely tackle almost all kinds of ingredients. Vegetables, fruits, meat, frozen stuff, nuts or cheese, you name it.

The grinding option on the machine, however, is not as effective as advertised, so be warned. Users must also be careful to not overwork the machine, by running it for longer than a minute. Be sure to give it rests in between if you intend on grinding or chopping a large quantity of ingredients.

As with most CuisinArt products, this comes with an 18-month Limited Warranty.

Final Verdict

The product is promising, it has a strong motor, good casing, and a variety of color options. Although the grinding is not as effective, the machine is an overall success. It is also a great bargain, considering its low-price, only $30.

4- Ninja Master Prep QB1004 Blender/Food Processor

This one of its kind product is a blender, chopper and food processor all in one, with a remarkably unique design. There’s three different work bowls, a powerful motor you can use on each and a reasonable price tag to go with all of it.

  • Cheap
  • Multi-blade technology
  • Several pitchers
  • Easy assembly
  • No feeding tube
  • No speed controls


The motor on this piece is no ordinary motor, it’s a Ninja signature design Master Pod Motor. It fits on the top of your work-bowl, cup or blender, and is very easy to operate. There’s one big pulse pad on top, which you can simply push down to get started. There are no speed control options, and no ON/ OFF switches.

The lack of controls may seem inconvenient to some, but for the novice, it seems like a great idea. One hold-down action will keep the machine stable and running.

Work Bowl:

This is probably the greatest advantage this machine has to all its counterparts. There’s three separate work bowls, each with different capacities, and accompanying splash guards and lids. The large pitcher has a 6-cup capacity for blending, the medium pitcher can take 5 cups for general food processing. The mini chopper has a capacity of 3 cups.


The new Ninja® Stacked Blade Technology comes with a new approach to food processing. Typically, the two blades of a processor cover the lower half of the work bowl. With their new 3-blade, 4-blade, and 6-blade technology, team Ninja has managed to increase effectiveness and space management.

To assemble these interesting blades, hole the lower half by the shaft and place it over the spindle, then insert the upper half and rotate until it clicks in place.

Disassembling and Cleaning:

Although there are quite a few pieces that go into the Ninja QB1004, it’s been designed with notable simplicity. First comes the work bowl, then the blades on top, and finally, the motor. No twisting/ locking, you’re good to go.

All the components, except of course the motor, are dishwasher-safe. The manufacturer recommends you place them on the top rack of the washer. For those of you going for handwashing, it’s simple enough, just remember, as usual, to be very careful with the blades.


The powerful motor, almost 450 Watts (2/3 HP) and the exclusive multi-blade technology, make sure there’s almost nothing this machine can’t chop or blend. Nonetheless, it is advised that you refrain from attempting to crush rocks. Anything softer than that, we’ve got you covered. Don’t strain your machine too much though, or run it overtime. The manual says you shouldn’t run it continuously for longer than 15 seconds. If it overheats, the motor will likely be shut down by its thermal switch. Let it rest for 15 minutes before resuming use.


The Ninja QB1004 comes with a limited one-year warranty.

Final Verdict:

At its given price, only 40 dollars, the Ninja QB1004 sounds like a great deal. The motor is reasonably powerful, the multiple pitchers and blades allow for a variety of processing options. The lack of a feeding tube, however, is a somewhat serious drawback to its vertical alignment, and makes it more of a blender than a true food processor.

5- Breville BFP800XL Sous Chef’s Food Processor

This one is for all the food enthusiasts and chefs, looking for versatility, speed and precision in their cooking. They don’t take cooking as a chore, but as a passion. This is Amazon’s number-one high-end food processor in the market right now, and it’s not for amateurs.

  • Heavy-duty motor- 1200 Watts
  • Spacious work bowl
  • Variety of blades and discs
  • Mini blender
  • Expensive


There are three buttons on the control panel of the Breville BFP800XL. The first is the Power ON/OFF which will need to be switched on before we begin. The second is the START/PAUSE button which is for continuously running the machine at a constant speed. The third is the PULSE button, for running the machine intermittently. This food processor, high-end as it is, surprisingly, does not have a speed control option, meaning it runs at a standard speed in both modes.

There’s also an LCD display, which is a time indicator. After each session, you can know how long the motor has been running. You could also set a timer for the machine to run on its own, while you attend to more urgent affairs.

Work Bowl:

The Breville BFP800XL has a primary work bowl with a capacity of 16 cups. But because this is too large, there’s also a 2.5 cup mini bowl for when you’re making smaller servings. Docking involves the same traditional turn-to-lock system we’re used to. The motor will only run when you’ve put the work bowl, blade, and lid in place and locked them. If any of these are not in place, the machine will not start.

Interestingly, even if you’re not using the larger bowl, you’ll have to place the smaller work bowl inside it to start the machine.


This machine is for the pros, and it comes with a vast assortment of blades and discs that say so. There’s an entire box accompanying the product just to neatly stack the numerous blades and discs in it.


The motor of the Breville Sous Chef ™ is a 1200 Watt monster. You could, most certainly, and very safely work with all the possible ingredients in a typical kitchen, without the machine giving out. However, it is advised that the workload be kept reasonable, or the machine will go into standby mode, and the LCD will flash a warning. There is also the possibility of the machine slowing down if the mixture being processed is too stiff. The recommendation is to stop processing before 1 minute has passed.


1 year limited product warranty and 25 years induction motor guarantee.

Final Verdict:

Although it is expensive, the Breville Sous Chef is a promising investment. Most customer reviews are positive, and if you’re looking for a reliable, heavy-duty, versatile solution to your needs, this may be the best to go for in the high-end section.

What Type of Best Food Processor One Should Get?

This depends primarily on you and how much you think you will be cooking. Do you have a large family or do you live alone? Do you have a lot of friends over? Are you cooking professionally? Food processors are primarily differentiated in by virtue of their size. All of these things affect the size of the processor best suited for you.

When differentiating by size, best food processors 2019 can be broadly distributed into three categories. Small, medium and large, here is a small explanation of what each size entails.

Small Sized Food Processors:

Because of their size, these processors are often known as mini choppers. Chopping small items is also their primary use in most kitchens. The work bowl in these mini choppers is quite small, usually less than 7 cups.

They come with a chopping /mixing blade. They are best used for simple prepping tasks such as grinding nuts or cutting up onions or garlic.

Most of these food processors do not come with a shredding or slicing blade and many do not have this functionality as they are usually low powered. This means that you cannot slice or shred items with most small food processors.

Medium Sized Food Processors:

Medium sized food processors are a much more complete package. With a working bowl range from about 8 to 11 cups, these offer enough capacity for a basic kitchen. You can say it’s the latest technology and way to move forward.

These feature all the functions of larger food processors, similar motors and tubes, just smaller in size. If you want to have all the features but your cooking is for a relatively smaller group, say 2-3 people, medium food processors are the perfect choice for you.

Large Sized Food Processors:

These units are the largest you can avail for cooking at home. There are obviously larger variant for commercial purposes but for now we are only considering the home cook. These units have relatively larger bowl sizes, roughly around 12 to 15 cups.

This comes paired with a stronger motor and larger attachments to process larger amounts of food. They also have larger feed tubes. The serving size is perfect for parties and family gatherings.

There is no real difference in functionality between larger and medium sized food processors apart from their size. Larger processors might come with one or two more attachments as opposed to their relatively smaller variants.

Now that we have discussed the differences that exist on basis of size lets move on to other things which determine how good a food processor really is. However much you are spending, the traits of a good food processor remain the same. Some of the main ones would be:

  1. A good food processor is sturdy and stable. When turned on it does not move from its position and risk a spill no matter how full it is. This matters especially when you are doing heavy work like kneading dough.
  2. Food shouldn’t get trapped under the lid. This is a major design flaw and one to look out for.
  3. When cutting or slicing there should not be too much of the input left behind unprocessed. Another design flaw where too much space is left between the feed tubes and the slicer.
  4. Ideally there should be a built in way of storing attachments so that they are not misplaced and you don’t have to look for them every time you need to use the processor.

Keeping all of this in mind, we tested the processors in the market and came up with a list to help you find the best processor for you. Here are some of the top processors available in the market! Happy Shopping!