Have you ever craved fast food at midnight or even after that? Well, if yes, then you might have been through the struggle of finding a good fast-food chain that’s open even after midnight, and most importantly; that delivers in your area. Well, there is a solution for nearly everything in this technologically advanced world and the answer to your dilemma is a Best Deep Fryer.

If you are a fried food lover, that cannot stop themselves from eating fried food (even though you know it’s not that healthy), then a deep fryer will make your life much easier and healthier (since you can use a healthy oil for home fried delicacies!)

But there are so many brands and products out in the market boasting that they have qualities that others don’t, and all this fiasco will confuse you. You might be thinking ‘which deep fryer should I buy?’

So, we have done all the researching on your part to save you from the grind and listed below the best deep fryer available in the market or even online (if you are an online shopper like me who doesn’t have the time or will to go to the market).

We have also pointed out the features to look for in a deep fryer so that you only buy the one that will fit your needs.

Important Features of Best Deep Fryer:

If you fry frequently and feel like its hassle to use a pot of oil on the stovetop, then you should consider buying a deep fryer. A deep fryer comes with a thermostat that monitors the oil temperature and is also safer than using a pot of oil on the stove, as the oil can catch fire if it is overheated.

You can make fries, fried chicken, doughnuts and much more in a deep fryer. But keep in mind that it will take up a lot of space on the counter and is also hectic to clean more so than a pot as it has many parts.

Moreover, the oil needs to be filtered after frying (which is quite a laborious task and scares many people away from frying often) just like you must-do if you fry in a pot of oil otherwise it would turn brownish and smelly.

As deep fryers are not that much of a complicated equipment (simply put it is just a large pot with a heating component in the pot that is monitored by a thermostat and a lid) the features to consider are pretty simple and clear cut.   

The capacity of the fryer will depend on how often you will be using the deep fryer and how much quantity of food you are going to be frying in it.

But you should consider buying one that is large enough to make more than one batch of fries or can fry a whole chicken because frying in small batches would be a hassle and you are better off using a pot on the stove.

Deep fryers come in many sizes and capacities- small deep fryers that can make batches of French fries to large deep fryers with multiple baskets that can cook different foods simultaneously.

Generally, deep fryers have a large size and take up quite much space on the counter, so you should keep in mind the space available in your kitchen while buying one.

Basket size: Another important thing to consider is the basket size and type. To avoid getting burned or splashed get a basket that has a cool grip handle and it should also have a hook so it can be hanged while it drains. The fryer baskets come in various sizes and quantities.

Some fryers have an option of either getting a large basket of two smaller ones in which you can fry different foods at the same time, but we do not recommend doing that as food cramped in the basket will not fry right and will turn soggy.

If you want to fry a whole chicken or turkey then the size of the basket needs to bigger to fit one.

Accurate and adjustable thermostat: the handiest feature of a deep fryer is the built-in thermostat that monitors the temperature and adjusts it according to the food. While if you are frying on a pot you have to measure the temperature manually which is very dangerous as the oil can splash and cause burns.

In many deep fryers the temperature can also be adjusted which is quite a useful feature if you are frying different foods as all do not require the same temperature.

Look for a deep fryer that has an ‘automatic shut-off’ setting, that will turn the fryer off when the oil temperature reaches an unsafe level.

Timer: A timer will come in handy if you are frying a whole chicken, turkey or fish. To make perfect crispy fried chicken, fries etc.

Look for a deep fryer that has a timer and bell that will notify you when the food is done so you can sit back and enjoy or do some other chores without worrying that your food might get burned.

Oil filter: there is a nasty side of deep frying and that is the awful odor of the oil after frying.There are deep fryers that have an oil filter that filters oil in a separate, removable compartment after frying for safe disposal.

Some filters can also absorb the odor of the oil and they filter out burnt material and crumbs and make oil changing easy. Look for a deep fryer, that is easy to clean and drain oil. There are ones with non-stick coating inside to save you from all the scrubbing making your task of cleaning the deep fryer easier.

Our Best Picks

1- T-fal FR8000 Ultimate EZ Clean Immersion Removable Deep Fryer

(Editor Choice)

One of the best sellers and the best fryer available in the market is the T-fal FR8000 Oil Filtration Ultimate EZ Clean Immersion Deep Fryer, having so many handy features and a large serving size making it an all-rounder in the world of deep fryers.

Best Deep Fryer
  • Oil filter and automatic drainage system for easy cleanup
  • Oil storage system
  • A large capacity making it suitable for large families.
  • Odor filter
  • Removable parts that are dishwasher safe.
  • Frying space is a bit shallow than most fryers.
  • The oil temperature drops sometimes.
  • The oil storage container can leak if overfilled.


  • Model FR8000
  • Oil capacity: 3.5 litres
  • Food capacity: 2.65 pounds
  • 1700-watt adjustable thermostat
  • Weight: 16.5 pounds

So, what makes the T-fal FR8000 the best fryer in the market. Foremost, it is the easiest to clean deep fryer with an oil filtration, drainage and storage system, which most deep fryers do not have.

After the fryer has finished frying and the oil is a bit cool, the knob on the front of the fryer is rotated and the oil is filtered into a plastic container present beneath the oil box in the deep fryer.

This container having clean oil is removable and can be stored in the cabinet or refrigerator for future use. The odor filter gets rid of the fishy smell of fried food from the oil, so your food, oil and kitchen all are not smelly.

In addition to this filtration system, all the parts of the dishwasher, except the immersed heating element are dishwasher safe making it “Ultimate EZ Clean”.

The fryer has a large serving capacity as it can hold up to 3.5 litres of oil and 2.65-pounds of food, making it suitable for large families and gatherings. The adjustable thermostat allows you to adjust the temperature of the oil.

While the immersed heating element heats the oil faster and allows for even cooking, so, you can fry that whole chicken without fear of it being half burned and half cooked.

The best deep fryer also has safety features along with the patented filtration system. It has cool to touch handles that make lifting the basket easier and safe.

The large, shallow frying basket made from stainless steel mesh is sturdy and filters oil, while the exterior is made up from brushed stainless steel making it sturdy.

2- Hamilton Beach 35021 Electric Best Deep Fryer

If you are looking for a simple deep fryer that is easy to use and is compact and small than Hamilton beach electric deep fryer is the one for you. It has the capacity to hold 8 cups of oil and can make 6 cups of French fries and fried chicken.

Best Deep Fryer
  • Good safety features which make it the most suitable for a family (small family)
  • Cool-touch sides
  • The basket can be lifted and lowered while the lid is closed
  • Breakaway cord
  • Easy to clean removable components that are dishwasher safe
  • See-through window in the lid
  • No timer
  • Less capacity so not suitable for a large family
  • No filtration system
  • Only one basket for frying


  • Model: 35021
  • Oil capacity: 8 cups
  • Food capacity: 6 cups of French fries
  • 1 basket
  • Weight: 8 pounds

This deep fryer is a good choice is you want to make homemade fries and chicken pieces but it’s not a good one if you want to fry a whole chicken or turkey.

The small compact design (13.1 x 11.4 x 8.6) of the deep fryer along with its sleek, black exterior makes it look stunning and will fit right in your modern kitchen without any effort.

The deep fryer has been listed as the best fryer even though it doesn’t have a timer because of its safety features. It has cool to touch sides, so even if you accidentally touch the deep fryer while it’s frying you won’t burn your hand.

Moreover, the basket has a handle and can be lifted and lowered while the lid is closed so that you can lower the food in hot oil for frying and drain it when the food is cooked. This will save you from any accidental splatters.

Another protective feature is the lid which has a glass for viewing the food while it’s being cooked. If you have kids at home that have a habit of coming to the kitchen touching and inspecting everything.

Then this deep fryer is the safest one for you as along with cool touch sides it has a breakaway magnetic cord that will detach itself from the deep fryer to save it from tripping if it is pulled.   

It also has a ready alert light and an adjustable temperature setting so you can heat up the oil and fry your food at a suitable temperature. Its immersed heating element, that is removable, heats up the oil faster so your fries can be ready in no time.

And last but not the least the most dreading task while frying(cleaning) is made easier with this fryer as it is easy to clean having removable parts that are dishwasher safe.

The lid, heating element and the inner pot are all enamel-covered and dishwasher safe while the body is stainless-steel.

3- Presto 05442 Cool Daddy Big Serving Deep Fryer

Looking for a compact size deep fryer that can also make a big serving? Well, then Presto 05442 CoolDaddy Cool-touch Deep Fryer may be the one you have been looking for. It has the capacity to hold 1.9 litres of oil and can make 6 cups of fries, chicken, shrimp etc.

Best Deep Fryer
  • Cool-touch exterior
  • A charcoal air filter that absorbs frying odor
  • Lid with large viewing window and lock
  • Exterior handle for lowering basket in oil
  • Drainable, large basket.
  • No timer
  • May Not dishwasher safe
  • No breakaway cord


  • Input power of 1500 Watt/ 120 Volts AC,
  • Oil Capacity: 1.9 litres (2 quarts)
  • Weight: 3.42 pounds
  • 1 rectangular basket
  • One-year warranty

Thus, it can make food for at least 6 people in one go, which is quite a good serving considering its small size (13-1/2 by 10 by 11-1/2 inches).

CoolDaddy deep fryer has an adjustable thermostat ranging from 250 to 375 degrees Fahrenheit so you can adjust it according to the food you are cooking.

If you are a busy person who likes to multitask and do many chores at the same time then this fryer will come in handy as it has a bright red light which indicates when the oil has reached the right frying temperature, so you don’t have to keep checking the fryer.

Coming to its safety features, the fryer has cool to touch exterior so if you touch it accidentally while the fryer is on and working, you won’t get burned. The large viewing window on the lid lets you monitor your food without having to open the lid.

The frying basket has an exterior handle that lets you lower and lift the basket while the lid is closed, saving you from oil splattering. In addition to all these safety features, the deep fryer also has a locking cover that operates with a button.

Even though this fryer does not have a timer, but it has a redeeming feature of having a charcoal air filter in the interior of the lid that removes the fishy odor of frying that otherwise permeates your kitchen after frying.

The filter is replaceable and removable, so you can clean the fryer with ease. The wire frying basket has holes which filter oil and retain the crumbs and burnt material.

Moreover, to make cleanup easy the inner pot is removable and non-stick, so you won’t have to scrub away at greasy, sticky food. All components of the deep fryer should be washed by hand.

4- Cuisinart CDF-100 Fast & Compact Deep Fryer

If you are a small family, that want a compact deep fryer that is not very expensive and holds up less space on the counter then you should check out Cuisinart CDF-100 Compact Deep Fryer.

Best Deep Fryer

This deep fryer is compact, affordable deep fryer that can hold up to 1.1 litres of oil and can make only 3-4 pound of food at once, making it the perfect size for couples or small families. The fryer is quite easy to use with its adjustable thermostat going up to 375°F, an indicator light that tells you when the oil has been heated and food has been cooked.

One of the best features of the fryer is the attached heating element that heats up oil in no time for faster frying. The fryer also has a charcoal odor-absorbing filter that is removable so you can wash and reuse it.

As the fryer does not has an oil removal storage so you must filter the oil out and then clean the fryer as the oil basin is not removable, which makes cleanup a hassle. But the deep fryer does have a breakaway magnetic cord that detaches easily and skid resistant feet that will keep the fryer from sliding down the shelf.

5- DeLonghi D28313UXBK Roto Deep Fryer:

Health-conscious but still want to eat fried food? Well, there are deep fryers that use lesser quantity of oil but still make crispy French fries and fried chicken. DeLonghi D28313UXBK Roto Deep Fryer is one of them.

DeLonghi D28313UXBK
  • Magnetic detachable cord
  • Dual filtration system that is replaceable
  • Oil drainage system
  • Rotating basket allows for even cooking
  • Uses less oil
  • timer
  • Not enough capacity for large servings
  • May not dishwasher safe


  • Model: D28313UXBK
  • Food Capacity: 2.2 lbs
  • Oil Capacity:1 litre
  • Input Power: 1500 watts
  • Digital control panel
  • Basket: Circular, tilted and rotating
  • Weight: 8.64 pounds

It uses a small quantity of oil and has many handy features that will make using the fryer an easy experience. Having a capacity of 1-1/2 lb food only, it has a rotating, tilted basket that ensures even cooking making healthier, crispier food.

The adjustable thermostat has a range of 300 and 370 degrees, will make sure that oil is the perfect temperature before you start frying. The see-through glass window on the lid lets you monitor the food while it’s being cooked.

If you are a busy person or just want to relax while your chicken is frying, then you can set the digital timer that will remind you (an alarm) to check your food.  

If cleanup after frying scares you away from making fried food at home, then worry not, this deep fryer has an easy cleanup process as it has a unique filtration system that no other fryer in the market has.

After you are done with frying, just pull out the hose that is stored in the front and drain oil in a container.

If you are wondering that crumbs or burnt particles will get stuck in the hose, then that’s not the case because this deep fryer has a dual filtration system. The non-stick interior will make cleanup a breeze. The dual filtration system will protect your kitchen from frying odors and oil vapors.

If your kids like to help you out in the kitchen simply just mess around while you are cooking, then no need to stress out because Roto deep fryer has a solution for that too.

Its cool-touch handles are a safer way of checking on your food and changing the basket position, while the detachable magnetic cord if pulled or snagged will detach from the fryer so that it doesn’t fall over. 

6- Masterbuilt 23011114 Indoor Electric Turkey Deep Fryer

If you want a fryer that can be used for other tasks too, the Masterbuilt 23011114 Butterball Indoor Electric XL Turkey Fryer may be the one for you as it can fry, steam and boil your food while using half the oil other fryers use. 

Masterbuilt 23011114 Indoor
  • Ideal for turkeys up to 20 pounds
  • Sturdy
  • Even heating
  • Can be used for steaming and boiling
  • Large size so takes up too much space
  • Not easy to clean
  • No retractable cord


  • Oil capacity:2.75 gallons
  • Food capacity:20 lbs
  • Weight: 26.9 pounds
  • Model: 23011114

This power horse is a sturdy appliance made from stainless steel, has a porcelain coated inner pot an aluminium basket with a drain clip. This turkey fryer has a whooping capacity and can fry a 20 pounds turkey easily.

So, if you host dinners a lot and love a fried turkey then this deep fryer is the one for you because it has a capacity of 2.75 gallons of oils and can make a large serving of food. Moreover, to ensure even cooking the deep fryer has an adjustable thermostat that can go up to a maximum of 375 Fahrenheit.

The digital timer will alert you when your turkey has been cooked to perfection. The deep fryer is easy to clean as it has an oil drain valve.

7- Char-Broil Multipurpose TRU-Infrared Oil-Less Turkey Fryer:

If you are a health-conscious person who counts all their calorie intake but still crave fried turkey, then we have a solution to this dilemma of yours.  Char-Broil Big Easy TRU-Infrared Gas-Powered Oil-Less Turkey Fryer works on gas and uses infra-red rays or simply put heat to cook your turkey and makes perfectly cooked.

Char-Broil Multipurpose
  • Large serving size
  • Healthy oil-less fried food
  • Cooks a variety of food
  • Removable drip tray
  • Large size
  • You need to buy a propane tank


  • Measures 24.5-inches in height with a 21.1-inch diameter
  • Weight: 30 lbs
  • Food capacity: 16 pounds turkey
  • Model: B001HBI7D8

Crispy turkey that has a fried taste but is healthy as well since no oil is used. This mammoth of a fryer has a multipurpose use, you can make various types of food in this from lamb leg to beef roast and other cuts of meat and chicken.

With this fryer you will not have to worry about oil spills, draining and storing and the main plus point-the food is healthier. The food is cooked evenly without burning or being undercooked in a double-wall cylindrical cooking chamber over a propane burner that spreads even heat in the whole chamber.

This mammoth fryer has a lot of capacity and you can fry whole turkeys, up to 16 pounds in very less time (10 minutes), but meat will take up more time.

The fryer is very easy to use as it has only two knobs, one to turn it on and the other to start the burner. You can keep a check on your food by the see-through lid, that has a built-in temperature through which you can know when your food is done.

The big easy fryer is also easy to clean as it comes with a drip tray in which all the grease and juices are filtered. The fryer also has safety measures as it has cool-touch handles and basket lifting tool, so you won’t burn your hands while lifting the basket after your food is done.

The char broil big easy fryer comes with a basket lifting tool, meat thermometer, quick start cooking guide and a removable drip tray.

Some Important Key Points for using a Deep Fryer and Frying

  • Before using your deep fryer for the first time, make sure to wash the oil container, basket and lid. Do not wash the heating element, and make sure all the parts are dry before using the deep fryer.
  • Always remove oil from the deep fryer after every use and if you plan to reuse the oil again, then filter it in a container and then store in the refrigerator so that it does not turn brownish and smelly.
  • Never add oil above the maximum line, as the oil level will rise when you add food and it will overflow.
  • You must use the basket or a spider to add food to the hot oil. Never drop food from high above in the oil as it will cause splattering and burns.
  • If you want crispy, evenly cooked fried food then don’t fill the basket more than halfway. If the basket is overcrowded the food will clump together and become soggy.
  • After your food is done, do not forget to unplug the fryer. Let the oil cool before filtering it. This might take more than an hour or two depending upon the quantity of oil used.
  • Even with all the safety features in place, try to place the deep fryer away from the reach of children.


There are a lot of factors that need to be considered while buying a best deep fryer as cooking with a lot of oil is dangerous work, so buy a deep fryer that has a lot of safety features. We hope that the above guide has helped you in your decision about buying a deep fryer. Good luck with your first frying experience with a deep fryer.