A few years ago no one had heard of ceramics. All of a sudden they are the big fish in the market. Why is ceramic such a big hit? Which set should you buy for your everyday use? In this article, we’ll be taking you through all the reasons best ceramic bakeware is the way to go, and showing you the best ceramic options for you!

Anyone in the food industry would be aware of the lead health hazard fiasco we have gone through over the past decade in the food industry. For the longest time we had been cooking and mass producing cookware that was metal based.

As it turns out, metal is not a particularly healthy material to be cooking in. Lead poisoning, various plastics such as PFOA, other harmful materials like PTFE, are just a few of the many negative effects of metal cookware on your food.

It reacts with a few foods to change the texture, and at times can even change the color! PFOA stays in your body for a long time and is capable of surviving in the environment as well.

In fact, studies show that PFOA is present in every American’s blood stream at a small level. It also pollutes all our water sources in trace levels.

Ceramic is a time tested method that has been used for millennia by our ancestors. Ceramic contain no metals, no plastics, no harmful chemicals of any kind. They have excellent heat distribution as opposed to most metal cookware which suffers from the formation of “hotspots”.

Hotspots are areas of the cookware which are often directly exposed to the stove. These areas tend to get heated up more than the fringes of the pan leading to unevenly cooked food. Every chef’s nightmare! This is not a problem in ceramic cookware at all.

Ceramics are constructed with a metal or alloy base. This base is then coated with ceramic enamel. This enamel evenly distributes the heat while also having a non-stick quality to it.

Ceramic cookware is also a bit tougher than standard non-stick cookware in regards to the toughness of the coating. With the massive success of ceramics in the cookware department, the market is now flooding with ceramic bake ware too.

Now you can bake without worrying about the unhealthy effects of the bake ware on your food at all.  We took it upon ourselves to do some research and find the best ceramic bakeware for our readers. Here are 5 of the best bake ware sets in the market, so you can be sure you are getting your money’s worth!

Our Best Picks

VonShef Cast Iron Cooking Pan:

A beautiful piece of bake-ware, this pan is set to help you spice up your kitchen. It comes in a beautiful hot red. A white ceramic coating over a strong cast iron base ensures maximum heat transmission and the most even possible heat distribution.

Due to its strong build, this pan can cook from low to reasonably high temperatures with excellent results. While a number of best ceramic bakeware items are unfit for use with induction stoves, this pan can be used with gas, electric, ceramic, halogen and induction stoves.

Granite Ware Better Browning Bakeware:

Granite ware is a company that has been in the business for quite some time. Established in 1901, with over a century of experience backing their products, this company is one to beat. This 4-piece set is everything you need to get baking.

The F0631-2 brown bake ware set includes a pie pan, a loaf, a small cookie sheet and a round cake pan. This covers everything a beginner baker might require. The heat distribution is excellent meaning you get the perfect bake.

This set is dishwasher safe which makes your day much easier. If you want to wash it by hand, the non-stick surface makes this a breeze; everything washes off with just a little water. The non-stick part is so efficient that there is no need to add fat to the bottom of the pans when baking.

The enamel coating is strong, meaning you can use metal utensils and it won’t chip or scratch. Constructed in the USA which means you can be assured that it is the highest quality and complies with all safety standards.

Cook Pro Ceramic Bakware Set:

A white ruffled design gives this particular set a very graceful look. Not only is it easy to clean, it is also dishwasher safe. No chips or cracks due to the extra sturdy enamel coating will make for a long lasting addition to your kitchen.

A number of baking sets while built to withstand high temperatures tend to lose strength if exposed to low temperatures in the freezer.

This set however is freezer safe. The 8-piece set contains a rectangular baking pan with a handle, a square baking pan with a handle, a loaf pan, a round cake pan and 4 ramekins.

Cuisinart Chef’s Classic Enameled Cast Iron Cookware:

The solid cast iron build gives this piece a heavy and safe feel. This lasagna and roasting pan model Ci1136-24CR comes in a beautiful cardinal red. The set is dishwasher safe but using metal utensils with it is not recommended.

It can be used in the microwave and broiler as well. Its beautiful dish like shape means you can double it and serve it straight from the oven to the table!

SilverStone Ceramic Nonstick Bake ware:

This is one of the most cheerful looking sets you will ever see! With its marine blue enamel finish, it will definitely stand out. This set is much better-rounded compared to others on the list. The rolled rims will prevent any denting or warping. It is oven safe for heats of 500F.

It is not dishwasher safe however and using metal utensils is also not recommended. It has a solid carbon steel base as opposed to most others which employ cast iron bases. The set includes two round cake pans, a medium cookie sheet, a rectangular pan and a loaf pan.